WARNING: This post will make you squirm! Do not read on if you get embarrassed easily.... consider yourself warned! Thanks for the little postcard reminder that it's that time of year again, for me at least.... Time for the well-vagina check. YUCK! I KNOW I am not alone in, pardon me, ON this one.......more

Isn't that just AWFUL?! Seriously.... anything private, that you do in private, or that SHOULD ...more

Buymebarbies a.k.a. Mom

Usually her calmness, calms me too.... I'm still certain it will be okay, but what if it wasn't? Usually her "it's gonna be all right" attitude and smile lead me to believe that it all will be..... There are many things I've recognized about myself and many that I haven't yet noticed, partially because I’ve dismissed them as “That's just me and who I am.  That's how I do things." Now, I'm going to go back a few steps and you may or may not follow, but I must go back before I move forward.......more

A Selfish Man's Soul....

7 yrs.  4 months.  3 weeks. and 2 days old.there's so much resentment built up.  ...more

Are you part E.T. too?

cuz I'm pretty sure I am.... at least my daughter thinks so.  Ashley King...more

maybe it's just pride.

the gaps between your actions. and the words you speak aloud show the lack of your intention,...more

thank you!!! =)

Ashley King


Your Signature and Life Story, Please.... (originally written on 12/25/2009)

 For those of you who don’t know my daughter, Taylor, this might help you out a bit.    She :...more

Flight line and teardrops....

flight line and teardrops......more