The Grinch Who Almost Stole Christmas…

This weekend we went to stay at The Gaylord Hotel at National Harbor for Fiona’s Irish dance team competition (the Southern Regional Oreachtas). I had been in contact with the hotel’s public relations people and in exchange for some complimentary perks I was going to blog about their wonderful...more

The Ambassade Hotel: Best Hotel In Amsterdam

On our trip to Amsterdam with the kids we wanted to say at an anti-chain hotel, one with character, that’s centrally located overlooking a canal, and that’s very friendly to children. We wanted a hotel that felt entirely Dutch. We found all these things and more at The Ambassade Hotel ....more

3 Days in Amsterdam With Kids

We go to Ireland about once a year to see my husband’s family, and when we do we like to swoop by a major European city for a stopover if we can. This year since both our kids have read The Diary of Anne Frank, and are endlessly intrigued with Anne’s story, we chose Amsterdam. Although I’ve been there before, pre-kids, what a wonderfully kid-friendly destination it turned out to be! ...more

Growing Up With Alcoholic Parents: 10 Surprisingly Good Things

For a long time I had myself convinced I’d had an idyllic childhood, but by the time I was twenty, the psychological fallout that comes from growing up with two alcoholic parents hit the fan and I was compelled to see a psychiatrist (even though it was the last thing I wanted to do). My despair coupled with epic Technicolor nightmares about drowning and being chased drove me the therapist’s couch. On my way to that first appointment, I said to myself, if I don’t have a big “Aha!” moment by the end of this fifty-minute-hour, I’m outta here ....more

OMG, A Post

I have been A.W.O.L. writing my screenplay and my novel, but mostly busy with mothering....more

Monday Ramble

The end of summer looms. The air has that tinge of Fall in it, of ending and of expectation of things to come. I don’t want summer to end ....more

Let’s Face It: Getting De-Liked Is Abandonment

Yesterday, after I posted my...more

A Bad Reaction, Dr. Dung

Yesterday I took my children to the allergist. I’m not going to use his real name. I’m going to call Dr ....more

High-Tech Fitness?

My husband is on a health-kick, and he wants to drag me along whether I like it or not. He’s lost some weight – has a ways to go before he’s Matt Damon, but still – he’s looking and feeling much better, and he wants me to, well – to partner with him. The problem is, I have given up on myself ....more

Notes From White Suburbia

Yesterday, it reached 105 degrees here in the DC metro area. It was so hot we could not even form words. We could not even jump into the pool ....more