A Couple of Confessions

I have a couple of confessions to make. #1. I am moving my blog from blogher to blogspot. I love the blogher community but I am drawn to blogspot for the amount of control you have over the appearance of your blog. I hope you will follow me there at http://averyblessedmommy.blogspot.com/ #2. The names I've been using on this blog are NOT our real names. I decided on assumed names to protect the identity of my children....more


Laila finally moved in Thursday for good. What a joyous day for us. She said she was so happy to be back. Her social worker brought her to us around 1:30 that afternoon. She had all of her worldly possessions in a Hello Kitty backpack. It's so crazy to think that everything she has fits into a backpack. I will buy her everything she needs and lots of things she doesn't. I will make sure she has clothes, toys, vacations. I can't give her those first 6 years back though. She has been in 5 homes before ours. She has faced alot of neglect and rejection. She hasn't been cuddled enough....more

I teared up reading your post. I am so happy for Laila and I commend you for being conscious of ...more

Tough Week

This week has started off pretty awful. First we get a call from DHR on Monday morning. I am expecting it to be Laila's social worker telling us to come pick Laila up and bring her to live with us permanently. Instead she is calling to tell me that because there is a bit more red tape we are NOT moving today and hopefully we can move her by the end of the week. I can't describe how disappointed I was. I was so excited about moving her in on Monday and now she is stuck in her current placement until who knows when....more

You are such an encouragement to me. When you adopt it seems like everyone puts you under a ...more

Our Last Weekend Without Laila

We finally got the call today we've been waiting on. Laila's social worker called this morning to tell us exactly when "the move" would take place. After talking with Laila, she has decided to move her on Monday. Laila asked to take the weekend to say goodbye to her family and the people at her church. It breaks my heart to think about how hard this has to be for her. I'm sure it's confusing too. The social worker did say one thing that made my day....more

I can't wait!

Blessed Mommy


So Far This Week

We took Laila to church with us for the first time last Sunday. She got nervous on the way and started saying her tummy hurt. I could tell she was a little scared so I promised her that Elizabeth would stay with her the whole time. Having sister close by seemed to make her feel better. I sing in the praise team and during music I saw her sitting on the front row. During the first song she just stood there. On the second she started clapping along. By the third song she was actually dancing and really getting into it....more

Our First Full Weekend with Laila

Well, thanks to some red tape, Laila still hasn't gotten to move in yet. She will now be moving in next week. All I know right now is that it will be after Wednesday but as soon as possible after that. On the bright side, we did get to have her for this whole weekend. Friday night we went to dinner at a local fast food place and the kids were great. When we got home they played well together and had a good time. We didn't have any problems until bedtime. Elizabeth and Clay fell asleep right on schedule but Laila didn't seem to be tired at all....more

Laila's Hair Care Haul

We talked to our social worker today and let her know that our visit with Laila Saturday was awesome. She said tomorrow she would talk to her supervisor about getting Laila moved in asap. As soon as I hung up the phone I realized that Laila could be here any time within the next 4 days and I didn't have any products for her hair. A trip to walmart was in order. The first thing I learned is that my local walmart was not the best choice. Their selection was meager at best. I decided to try a drug store instead so off to Rite Aid I went....more

All Day Visit with Laila

Today was Clay's 7th birthday and we had a fun day planned. It was also Laila's all day visit. Previously we had an hour long meet and greet with her but today we picked her up at 9am and kept her until 6pm. I was a bit nervous on the way to pick her up. All these thought kept running through my mind like What if she doesn't like us? What if we can't control her? What if her foster mom thinks I'm not good enough? As usual, all my worrying was for nothing. We had a great day!! When we first arrived at her house she was in the yard waiting on us....more

thank you so much for the encouragement!! I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. ...more

Update on Laila

While I was sitting in carline today, waiting to pick my kids up from school, I got a call from Laila's social worker. She said that our all day visit with Laila can be this Saturday. I was thrilled because this is our son's birthday and she will get to experience a fun family day with us. She then floored me with her next statement. She told me that if all goes well at the all day visit Laila can move in next week! That is great news! The sooner we get her here the better. We are supposed to call her foster mother tomorrow to set up the visit. I am a bit intimidated by this....more

She is so lucky! Grrrrrrr!

"She is so lucky to have y'all." "I admire you guys so much for what you are doing." "It really is a selfless thing you are doing." These comments drive me bonkers! Mainly because they are NOT true. I know people mean well and are being supportive, encouraging even. However, these statements do not reflect the actual sitiuation. To begin with, SHE isn't the lucky one. I am. She was put in a sitiuation where her biological family couldn't parent her because of terrible circumstances. She had to face the loss of everything familiar to her to come be my child....more