The End of TechCrunch?

For the past two weeks the tech world has been buzzing with the news of Michael Arrington’s ouster from TechCrunch, the company he founded. Update: The first TechCrunch writer to quit after AOL firing Mike Arringtin is Paul Caar.  Read his resignation letter on the site....more

3 Ways To Drive Blog Traffic From Major News Events

People are hungry to find out the latest developments on big news stories and turn to Google, YouTube and social media to find it. If you can post a timely and interesting article, you will be sitting pretty to receive an enormous amount of traffic. How do you find the hot topics people are talking about online and attract new visitors to your website? ...more
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How To Encourage More Brown Women To Launch Tech Startups

The following blog post is written by a Brown woman and is advice to be followed by Brown women who are interested in technology, starting a company, launching a startup or being more successful in business....more
Terrific post. I make it a point to wear suits to events, even if it is business casual (or ...more

BlogHer | bet '11 Technology: Media, measuring, monitoring and the meaning of it all

Media, measuring, monitoring and the meaning of it all Online media and tools are probably critical for the promotion and propagation of your big idea. And depending on your product, online adoption may be the ultimate measure of success. In an ever-more-disaggregated online environment, how do you make sure you are measuring the right things…and understand how to act based on the results? Jory Des Jardins leads the conversation among Betsy Aoki, Amy Chang and Laura Fitton are among the experts on hand to discuss. 1) Jory Des Jardins Twitter: @JoryDJ ...more

BlogHer | bet '11 Entrepreneurism: The Deck

How do you convey the value of your team, your idea, your company in 10 slides or less? How important are financial projections…and how far out should you go? How do you respond when each successive potential investor with whom you meet gives you new…and often contradictory…feedback on The Deck? Your Deck must be the sharpest knife in the drawer. Hear from longtime investors what really matters to them when reviewing The Deck. Moderator Lisa Stone talks to experts Patricia Nakache, Cindy Padnos and Heidi Roizen, who each share their perspectives from having been on both sides of The Deck. ...more

Adria's looking for a room and roommate for Blogher 2009 Thurs-Sunday

Hey Folks, I decided last minute to attend BlogHer 2009.  I'm a technology blogger and attended 2 conferences last month in Chicago so I'm looking to ease the cost of going to BlogHer by sharing a room! You can learn about me, my technology career and goals at  Have a spot? Email me adria.richards@butyoureagirl.comSkype me: adennetworks    WordCamp Chicago June 6th-7th, 2009 Fun! Blogging While Brown June 19th-20th Amazing! ...more


Jena and I found another gal who wanted to share so we're ...more