Rainy Wednesday

On days like today I try to stay super positive. It's raining and the grey skies seems to match my mood. I don't like feeling super anxious and I especially don't like feeling like there is nothing to be done about it. Yes, I have meds. Yes, I do special breathing. But, some days it just doesn't work at all. Did you ever feel like you are hanging together with very fragile thread? That is exactly how I feel today. I want sweat pants. I want soup. I want a funny/sad/touching movie. But alas, I am stuck at work. I love my job for the most part even though I don't make much money....more

I'm new at this but loving it!!!

So I don't really get this website yet but I'm going to post here anyway!! My name is Bryden and I write a blog about my awesome 7 year-old daughter. So I hope you check it out!!!http://planetadria.blogspot.com Thanks! Bryden...more