Greetings!! I Am New Here!

 Hello!My name is Jennie! I am new to the Blogher world.I am a 30-something single mom to a little boy with Down Syndrome and three dogs.  I am also a public servant that works full time while being a mom and running a household.When I am not busy saving the world, from itself, my interests are writing, blogging, hiking, backpacking, camping, jewelry design, photography, advocating for special needs individuals and a do-it-yourself- attempter.I am blogging here to share my life, my ideas and my projects....more
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Turning Glass Into Stone- A Do-it-yourself Project

 While I was looking at paint for other projects that I am working on, I stumbled across this amazing invention. It’s spray paint that looks like stone after it dries. Stone textured spray paint by Rust-Oluem retails for $7.99 for a 12 ounce can. ...more