Lying by Omission to my Family is my MO

Why is it so hard to tell your family how you are feeling and your deepest thoughts?  These are the people that should love you unconditionally.  Your mother gave birth to you and was the first nurturer of your hopes and dreams.  My sister tells me she prays for me and wants to have a deeper relationship....more

I haven't been a serious blogger for too long but am trying to pick up the pace. I too have not ...more

Did We Learn Anything from "Fatal Attraction"? Do Women Really Go Psycho at a Break-up?

A random guy and his friends approach me while my girlfriends and I wait for a table in a restaurant.  These guys are insistent that if they break up with a woman, she turns into Glenn Close's Alex from Fatal Attraction. Is this really her fault or is he to blame?  Or is he just making excuses for being afraid?  But of what?Geez, if you think we're all crazy, what chances do us single girls have at ever getting married? ...more

Blogger Guilt, The Life of a 32 Year Old Single Girl, and a Clothing Crisis

I have major guilt over the lack of entries in my blog entry.  I was so good at the beginning - I was blogging everyday.  But I didn't do what people told me to do...and now the guilt has set in.  I mean I was expecting it....I am Catholic after all.  There is always guilt! But in the blogging world there is no confessional.  So I can only keep moving forward and trying to do better and in the meantime, take my penance. As a peace offering, I offer up a story of today's panic attack which involved me possibly forgetting what I wore on my last da...more

My Sinking Heart

I was planning on writing today about my first date with G because I know it's been highly anticipated, but I'm feeling a bit sad right now and I just had to share that...You know us women...we get sad for reasons even we don't understand. But the floodgates of tears are on the verge of bursting and here's what caused a few tears at lunch time today......more

When to raise the white flag

The cold that was getting better yesterday has now gotten what was going to be a nice and sweet meandering post yesterday has turned into a blunt tell-it-like it is post today. (Don't worry - different topics. So maybe tomorrow's post will be sweet and meandering.) ...more