Adaptation Battle: To the Beautiful You, Boys Over Flowers, Playful Kiss

I’m not going to deny it- I am dreadfully and irrevocably biased. There really are some preferences that I have that even I don’t understand. For example the idea of having to watch Boys Over Flowers again makes me a little nauseous. And yet I could probably get through a viewing of Devil Beside You which (mullet-included) is probably the worse drama of the two. Because of these biases it ...more

Month in Review: March 2013

Time for another Month in Review article- man is it just me or is 2013 passing like a speeding bullet? If you didn’t see the MIR article for February you can click here to read it. Basically, I’m going to start writing these articles to keep people up to date on posts they might have missed and also to be able to write about some drama and blog related things I don’t have a chance to address ...more

One Chance: The Queen of SOP, Borrow Your Love, Spring Love, Beauties of the Emperor

It has been quite some time since I’ve done a Taiwanese One Chance article- but now that subtitles are becoming more readily available for many Tdramas I figured it would be a good time to write one. I have to be honest and say I haven’t watched a Taiwanese drama all the way through since Summer’s Desire. Many shows have tried to keep my attention but most fail. Let’s hope that isn’t the case ...more

Movie Night: Werewolf Boy, Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac, The Perfect Couple

Hey all- sorry for the slow week. I will still have my two articles up though! The first of which is this one- another Movie Night. We all know how time-consuming dramas are…even more so when you have to dig through the crappy ones to find a gem. Movies provide entertainment with a shorter time investment- plus they are a great way to introduce friends and family to your passion. So if you’re ...more

What I'm Watching: That Winter the Wind Blows, Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek, Saikou no Rikon, Appa Odiga?

I’m back with what I am watching lately. It is surprising to me that I can even type up this article because of late it seems that my time to focus on dramas has been diminished along with the availability of decent shows. Maybe I’m just getting picky, but it takes a lot for a drama to catch and sustain my interest. On one hand that does open up a lot of time to get other work done, but ...more

Multiple Couple Dramas

I know I wrote a genre article just last week but this one has been on my mind of late. One reason is because this sort of drama is pretty rare. In fact I’ll be sharing only two shows and add another two movies so there will be enough recommendations. Most Asian dramas stick to the tried and true method of having only one main couple and while there might be side pairings, they don’t have ...more

University Romance Dramas II

There are a lot of Highschool Romances in the world of Asian Dramas. They’re charming and fresh and make us all feel like ancients when we realize how old the leads really are. However many of us can find them a bit hard to relate to or enjoy when the characters are teenagers with the mood swings and school uniforms to prove it. If you like your leads to be a bit older but still enjoy ...more

If You Liked This: Flower Boy Next Door, That Winter The Wind Blows, King 2 Hearts, Rich Man Poor Woman

I’m always at a bit of a loss when it comes to comparing one drama to another. I mean there are so many unique aspects to a show and although you could group in genres, as I have often done, it is difficult to find an exact equivalent to advise someone to watch. That being said, I have often done just that with these articles. Maybe some of you won’t get why I think one drama is like the ...more

Month in Review: February 2013

Hey all! This is the first of a new series of articles recapping- what else? The last month’s worth of Daily KTJ Drama posts. Hopefully you’ll stick around and check it out because other than showcasing the articles you might have missed, I’ll also be commenting on different things and sharing some more personal thoughts that I don’t usually have a chance to post in reviews. And in this ...more

Horikita Maki

Yay! I have finally watched enough Japanese shows and movies to write this article! I have always loved Horikita Maki, ever since my first viewing of Nobuta wo Produce. Although people might argue that she does not portray many characters that take her far out of teeny-bopper land, I expect that she will take more and more challenging roles and continue to impress with her skill and charisma ....more