He Checks Out Other Girls - So What?

I've looked all over the Internet-- and my jaw has dropped at what women find acceptable. I read several advice questions on boyfriends and husbands who check out other women. "It's instinct," most women said. "They're guys, it's what they do." "You have self-esteem issues. It's your fault. Maybe you shouldn't be in this relationship." (woman) "It's okay as long as they don't act on it. My boyfriend and I check out girls all of the time." (woman) ...more
THANK YOU. I too HATE the majority of responses to this. I don't believe we should ever take ...more

Love you so he can

I was sitting on the couch with my boyfriend. My 5'11" 165 pound ripped Marine. I was dressed in boy cut panties and a camo tank top. I usually am curled up in blankets, living in them really; this afternoon, as we lounged and worked dilligently, I was feeling particularly confident. ...more

To marry someone who was never ready

Divorce rates are down, but don't let that fool you. We still have the highest divorce rate, as well as the highest rate of single parenting. The statistics may tell you that divorce is finally in the minority, but it only takes a few words inserted into google to learn that marriage is still just as hard, but society is beginning to find the loophole: living together.[http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2005-07-18-cohabit-divorce_x.htm] ...more

Ex-Files: Should you cut sling load and drive on?

There are two options after a break-up: remain friends, or move forward without them. The most successful option has been to remain distant for a period of time, licking wounds and recovering from the break-up, and leaving the option of a platonic relationship or rekindling romance in the future. But throw in new boyfriends, old ones, social scenes, and the plethora of communication tools vaaialble today ("rejected from 7 different techlogies," anyone?), it's not so black and white like we would hope. ...more

Thanks for the comment! =) I believe there is some encouragement from women to have a ...more