Naked Nutrition Protein Powder Review + Blueberry Banana Smoothie Bowl

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Happy National Dog Day!

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The Weekender: Favorite Links

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The Ultimate Classic Cobb Salad

This classic Cobb salad recipe doesn’t use any fancy ingredients, but the combination is unbeatable. If you prep hard boiled eggs and cook the chicken in advance, it comes together very quickly for a fast lunch or weeknight dinner. At work today, I listened to a webinar from a former FBI undercover agent who recruited former spies, no big deal ....more

80Fresh Meal Delivery Service Review (and why I like it better than Blue Apron)

An honest review of the 80Fresh meal delivery service, how it compares to Blue Apron, and which is better for your lifestyle. There is a 80Fresh promo code for 20% off your first order at the bottom of the post, so don’t miss that! Meal delivery services like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh and Plated have been around for a while, but I was recently introduced to a different kind of meal delivery service called 80Fresh ....more

Gluten-Free Baked Ziti with Kale

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What my dog taught me about managing stress

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The Run Around: How to treat shin splints — tips straight from a sports medicine doctor

I’ve been running for over 17 years, and over the course of those 17 years, I’ve experienced a wide variety of injuries (like most runners) – runner’s knee, IT band issues, shin splints, quad strain, angry hamstrings, plantar fasciitis, you name it....more

Recent Eats + This Week’s Gluten-Free Meal Plan

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Last week’s workouts + a new (to me) TV show I’m binging on

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