Chalkboard Art Quote Graphic: Family Creed

As I fight off a nasty cold that hit me hard the day after school got out for my boys, I haven’t had much time or energy to write or create or do anything productive ....more

Kitchen Hutch Makeover Project

Every once in awhile we decide to give our handy makeover skills a workout on a piece of furniture, a room, etc. This last couple weeks it has been a Kitchen China Hutch project that we stumbled upon the most amazing deal on ....more

Motherhood and Friendships: A Word Of Caution

New and expectant motherhood comes with a lot of interesting and often unexpected changes in life, and the relationships around you ....more

The Rocking Pony – A Funky & Hip Etsy Shop!

I am crazy about Etsy.  You have heard this from me before.  If I can find it on Etsy, then that’s where I am buying it.  Whatever “it” is.  Why??  Because it makes sense to me to find something that is a) unique, b) supports a small business & c) made just for me! Disclosure:  [...] The post The Rocking Pony – A Funky & Hip Etsy Shop! ...more

The Good the Bad and the … Oh hey! A Birthday!

It’s been one of those weeks. One where I can’t quite seem to catch my breath no matter how hard I try or what I do to try to slow down. There is officially just under one week left of school for all 6 of my boys and I am definitely feeling the crunch! It’s [...] The post The Good the Bad and the … Oh hey! A Birthday! ...more

i-LIGHT Pro – For smooth skin that’s maitenance free!

Admit it.  One of your favorite parts of winter is that long pants and long sleeved shirts.  Why?  Because long pants + long sleeved shirts = less shaving.  (Especially for us married-with-kids chicks )  I don’t know about you, but I barely have time to take showers these days, let alone shave…forget about shaving without [...] The post i-LIGHT Pro – For smooth skin that’s maitenance free! ...more

Rice Cakes Two Ways – Rice or Quinoa and Rice

Talk about a super simple treat, these were an unanticipated moment of joy for me! I can definitely see myself adding a lot more options to this recipe down the road, but for now, it served it’s purpose, to offer a yummy alternative to what I normally eat ....more

You Will Miss This – Denial is Pointless

I was that mom, the one that cringed every single time someone, who knew things were challenging for me in life, told me that someday I would miss it ....more

Accessorizing With The Polkadot Fairy

Like many moms of little girls, one of my favorite things to shop for are hair accessories for my daughter.  The more sparkles, colors & patterns, the better!  She has enough clips, bows and headbands to wear a different one every day of the year, but I still love buying them!  I was recently introduced [...] The post Accessorizing With The Polkadot Fairy appeared first on A Frog In My Soup. {Continue Reading} ...more

What She Wore Wednesday (Little Bean Edition Featuring Gymboree & a Giveaway)

I’m going to be honest. My daughter (who is almost 3) has a wayyyyy better wardrobe then I do. She has more shoes, almost as many accessories, and some seriously cute clothes. Thanks to to Gymboree, her wardrobe just got even better! Disclosure:  As always all opinions and statements expressed are those of the author ....more