Let's hear it for the nuns!

My grandfather was one of nine that survived to adulthood, six girls and three boys. Of his six sisters, four became Dominican nuns. ...more

Health care and Fire Fighting

I have to respond to the assumption that I expect health care to be free. By no means do I think that I should be able to walk in and get whatever health care I or my family want.What I am saying is that there needs to be a way to make healthcare affordable.One of the biggest barriers to this is the health insurance industry. Anyone who thinks that the way that we are providing health care today is the most efficient is sorely uneducated. ...more

If I can't breastfeed should I be able to deduct formula?

My daughter was 17 months old when I was diagnosed with breast cancer so this story resonates with me more than I would have expected. According to an article in Newsweek magazine, the IRS has ruled that a woman medically incapable of breastfeeding after a double mastectomy may not set aside the cost of infant formula as a pre-tax medical expense. ...more

Why are old people the only ones guaranteed health care?

Seriously? Why is it that in order to be guaranteed health care in this country you have to be in the last third of your life? The most expensive part of your life in terms of medical and healthcare? ...more

Thank You Senator Hagan

You know, we don't say thank you often enough. I wrote and called and encouraged others to write and call and you listened! You voted with all of the other democrats in the HELP committee to address real health reform and you should be proud. I don't know how Senator Burr voted (continued) ...more

Giveaway! TherapEase Cuisine

So you or someone you love has cancer and chemotherapy is scheduled. Believe it or not you probably will have an appetite sometimes and now you have a challenge; What Should I Eat? ...more

The Murder of Dr. George Tiller

In 1989 I went to Washington, DC to participate in my first March for Women's Lives. I lived in Upstate New York at the time and I rode a bus for what seemed like days to get to DC. The Supreme Court had agreed to hear the Webster V. Reproductive Health Services case and it was a time of great concern. Estimates of attendance at this event range from 500,000 to 1,000,000 people. ...more

Eat, Drink and be Merry

Ever feel like all you hear is which food or drink is going to cause cancer? Well there's good reason for that, here's why. ...more

10 year old breast cancer patient

I participate in a variety of message boards, forums, etc. I was made aware of this last night. There is nothing else I can say except if you are a praying person keep Hannah in your thoughts. ...more

I was diagnosised in Jan. with breast cancer. I am 54 years old & it has devasted me so I ...more

North Carolina's corrupt politics screw state employee health

There is no other way to put it. Corruption and special interest groups have won and now North Carolina will be the first state to put all employees into the most expensive insurance plan unless they prove that they don’t smoke and meet certain body mass index thresholds. No other state in the nation actually cuts the benefits of state employees if they are caught smoking. Only Alabama charges state workers more because of BMI scores. ...more