My Top 6 Blog Reads

I am quite new to the blog world.  I have been loving my time thus far.  I love the excitement of seeing that my articles have been tweeted, that I actually have subscribers or that people are leaving comments.  All of these things make me smile by the way.  The kind of smile where all of my teeth are showing....more

Great Fall Soup Recipe

Did I tell you that ultimately I’d like to be a vegetarian/vegan?  Well I do.  My initial introduction came from Ms....more

Fresh Corn Pasta

Howdy Doo Y’all.  Maybe I’m writing like a cowgirl because I’m wearing my favorite boots....more

Which Will You Choose

I love living life to the fullest! Are you living your life to the fullest or are you bogged down by the rigors of your day? Well let me help you with some ideas of how to do little things that have big impact. You can try any of these or come up with your own. Okay? Okay. Find a scripture and meditate on it all day. (listen, God may tell you something juicy about the scripture) Learn a phrase in your favorite language, other than your native one. (You might like it and become fluent) Make a conscious effort to smile throughout the day....more