Stop Hating On Your Body

[VIDEO] Sh*t Broke Folks Say

After owning an accounting & bookkeeping biz for 10 years I’ve heard (and used) it all when it comes to “brokeness”. ...more
 @CultOfMoney Thanks! It's an acrylic toilet that I bought online. I think they still have them ...more

[VIDEO] Never Pay for Teeth Bleaching Again

Personal maintenance can be really annoying! It’s exhausting, time consuming, and let’s not forget… EXPENSIVE!Worse yet, a lot of the products I’ve bought or services I’ve paid for don’t even work very well. And that's why a few years ago I decided I didn’t want to waste any more of my time or money on crap that didn’t work....more

But How Can You Make More Money If You're An Employee?

I wrote an article on my money tips blog on how I started making more money in my business when I started feeling more powerful. I received a fantastic question from a reader about how this could work if you’re an employee with a fixed income:...more

A Different Way To Get Out of Debt

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97% of people don't have what they really want in their lives because they aren't willing to do ...more