Tiramisu Cake


Banana Bread

  Here we go Banana Bread fans!  This is for you:) This recipe is fabulous! Ingredients: ...more
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Royal Vacay

    Note: First part previously posted. ...more

Royal Vacay


Sunrise Breakfast Smoothie

  Ingredients ...more

Potato Pancakes


Banana Pineapple Smoothie

A nice way to start your morning is treating yourself with this protein-calcium -fiber all in one smoothie.  And of course some cinnamon would be just right to give a nice touch to it. ...more

Happy Hour Duo

We tried these cocktails in Las Vegas with my niece recently and really liked them.  So I looked up some recipes and this is what I came up with.  Green Apple Martini is my new favorite. ...more

Facial Homemade Masks

I wanted to post some of the recipes for natural facial masks to do at home. Love them! ...more

Cookie Calla Lily

  Ingredients: ...more