You CAN Have Sex with the Lights On!

I honestly never thought much about "lights-on vs. lights-off sex" when I was younger. Now that I am in mid-life with a little extra around the middle, and authoring a new body-image site for women, it has occurred to me that this is a decision that some women make as a standing preference, much like whether you take cream in your coffee or not.  For some women, they either have sex with the lights on or they don't....more
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Confessions of a Belly Dancer

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How to Keep Your Child from Ever Smoking

I just wrote this article and I think it might be very helpful for parents. Please let me know your thought. Best wishes. Link TextHow to Keep Your Child From Ever Smoking ...more

Good Parenting Resolutions

I've written something very simple about how to be a better parent, called Link TextGood Parenting Resolutions. They help me. Let me know what you think. Best wishes to all. ...more

I Learn, therefore I Blog: Positive and Valuable Info from WAHM

Hi Everyone! So glad to join a female community of bloggers! I am a widowed mother of a 3 yr old of my life. I am a writer. Both for business and for the art side of writing. I recently put together my blog called Life Learning Today because I wanted to share all the things that I learn everyday. ...more


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