The Beauty in Imperfection, Not Perfection

I'm not sure if before social media we all thought we had to strive for this perfect idea of motherhood or not; I just know in this modern day motherhood world that we live in there's a lot of focus on how social media shapes our perceptions and expectations of motherhood. Before I even entered motherhood, I was one of those types that at some things in my life had a perfectionist type nature....more

Time is What Makes a Great Parent

Some of my fondest memories as a child were the times of  my dad sounding reveille on weekend mornings to rise everyone out of bed at the crack of dawn to head the hour into the city for a softball tournament. I remember the times of the car rides across the country to see my grandparents in Buffalo, New York where we would sing as a family at the top of our lungs to whatever old country tune struck our fancy. I remember the times of mom and daughter shopping trips or movie nights while dad was away on a hunting trip....more

Parenting: A job that gets easier or harder?

 Most things in life  gets easier as we do them longer but not parenting. In fact, I’m becoming more  and more convinced that the year of infancy when they cry, never sleep through  the night, and need you to do everythingfor them is the easiest year. I even recall  older parents telling me to enjoy that year because it just gets harder. Lucky  for me my girls were both amazing night sleepers....more
That's what teenagers are for, to make it easy for parents to let go. In fact, depending on the ...more

The need for other Women in my Life

 Many of us will claim we married our best friend and in so many ways our spouse is our best friend. But he is the opposite sex and sometimes they just don't get it. We love them but women are from venus and men are from mars and when you spend decades together in the same household, sometimes you need another confident besides your lifelong partner. ...more

The top 5 of my Mother Go to Hell List

The Top 5 on my Motherhood Go to Hell List   There are just some things as a mother, especially those "kid" things that you didn't realize would quite annoy you so much until you had kids....more

To Be An American

As an American literature teacher I rejourney through our American history every year with my students. As we finished up the political pieces of the Revolutionary War with Patrick Henry and Ben Franklin and moved towards the Transcendentalist Era we began a discussion of what is an American today. At a time when our country is so in conflict with one another, I was reminded through their insight and what we all saw at the conclusion of this week with the Boston marathon bombing what makes America so great. Our student body represents over 25 different countries....more

Did you shave you legs for this?

When it comes to the mother to do list all too often it seems like we end up at the bottom. And as much as I love my husband and as much as he helps around the house or with the kids sometimes they just don't get it. ...more

Moms, get ready to be judged!

Our society seems to have this one size fits all mentality right now. And if you don't conform to those standards be prepared to be scorned. And moms, we tend to be a hot target lately. ...more

Somedays I'm Superwoman but most days I'm Nuts

First, I used this title because sometimes I will hear someone tell us working moms that we must either be superwomen or nuts for balancing a career with motherhood. Second, I always reference superwoman because I feel that it's an image mothers of today feel like they have to uphold or something. And third, I definitely am not superwoman. And last, if you want some good laughs and some sarcasm maybe continue to read. ...more