When your child snarls at you, could you just offer love?

I have been skeptical in the past of hugging a child who is screaming at you and being generally quite awful ... in theory I know it makes sense but I find it hard when they are being so hateful and you don't feel particularly loving! But I had a breakthrough ....more

Three simple ways you and your child can be happier starting today

"Everyone has a "set point" for happiness, just as they do for weight." - Martin Seligman Do you have a list of things you’d like to change about: Your child (More cooperative? more responsible? more reasonable?) Your life (More time? ...more

What If Your Child Crosses the Line?

"I don't understand why you say not to punish transgressions. I get the concept of the bigger the transgression, the greater the child's need is, but what if they really cross a line? Yesterday my 3-yr-old threw a book because he got mad ....more

8 Things You Can Do When Your Child Is Belligerent

"My daughter was being so rude and belligerent. She was screaming at me about everything, so finally I just lost patience and yelled at her to go to her room. Then she burst into tears and sobbed and sobbed ....more

What if you set a limit and your child ignores it?

“I took your pledge of Yellibacy, but when I try to set limits my children just ignore me -- so I end up yelling." - Chris Most of the time when kids feel understood, they're willing to do what you ask, even if they don't like it. That's why the secret to setting limits effectively is to empathize as you do it. It's a three step process ....more

Using Gratitude to Change Your Happiness Set Point

"You are a great wizard. You can use your powers to practice white magic on yourself instead of the other kind. The most basic way to do that is to concentrate on naming, savoring, and feeling gratitude for the blessings you do have -- your love for your kid, the pleasures of eating the food you like, the sight of the sky at dusk, the entertaining drama of your unique fate ....more

Your Magic Wand for Less Drama, More Love

“There's nothing tiny or insignificant. Everything is significant... Whether you are looking at world events or something that's happening in your kitchen, there's potential for connection or disconnection in either case ....more

When Your Child Hits You

"For me the biggest problem still remains my own anger and fear when my boy is crossing the line -- especially regarding safety. He has hurt me badly so many times. I know that probably he didn't mean it but the pain sometimes brought me to tears ....more

"I'm Becoming the Mom He Always Wanted"

"What I have learned from this book (Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids) has already improved my relationship with my eight year old son. My son thanked me this morning for reading this book. He said I am turning into the mom he always wanted ....more

How To Nurture Yourself While Nurturing Your Child

"Dr. Laura, I know I can't raise healthy kids if I'm always flying off the handle, but do you have any tips on staying centered with two kids? I just don't have time to do the things I used to do to take care of myself, like going to the gym ....more