Easy a A-B-C Healthy Recipes

Easy as A-B-C Healthy RecipesAre you looking for simple, quick, healthy, and delicious recipes? I sure am! Sometimes, finding them seems like an impossible dream!Do your family members have varied eating styles? Mine do! In my own family, I'm a vegetarian, one of my brothers is a vegan, and several others eat meat. Creating a meal that everyone likes can be challenging!...more

Saving Lives Two at a Time

Are you a dog lover? Do you think you might become one, if you give it a chance? Has your child been begging for a dog? If you do decide to get a new dog, you could be "saving lives two at a time"! Adding a canine member to your family might be just what the doctor ordered! Owning a dog can be a therapeutic experience. See this excellent article The Therapeutic Benefits of Pets to learn how caring for a pet can make you happier and healthier. ...more

ASK Ahh The Simple Life

Do you have a question or topic you’d like to ASK Ahh The Simple Life ?Just let us know, and we’ll do our best to help. It’s our mission to help people have happier, more fulfilling lives by helping them to LIVE Simply, EAT Simply, and PRAY Simply!...more

Fourth of July Salads

Make these quick and easy and so refreshing Fourth of July salads to celebrate your Fourth this year!Ingredients1. Mixed salad greens or lettuces2. Watermelon chunks3. Blueberries4. Blue, gorgonzola, or feta cheese – crumbled5. Almonds or pecans or walnuts, toasted...more

10 Tips to Teach Your Kids About Nutrition

It's easy to teach your kids about nutrition if you incorporate it into your daily life. Here are 10 tips to get you started: 1. ...more

Inexpensive Home Staging Ideas

Sell your home faster and for more money by using these simple, inexpensive home staging ideas! Did you know that when a house or condo is staged for sale, sometimes the owners think it looks so beautiful they decide to stay? Here are the basic steps for staging your home for sale - or for yourself!...more