HELP: I'm a kid stuck in a grown up's body, and my parents are getting a divorce

When my parents first told me they were divorcing we talked about it like it was an upcoming vacation. “Oh yeah, I’ve heard others say that it’s nice out there. And you’re going for how long? That’ll be great for you both. Am I upset? No of course not. I mean it would have been nice while we were kids but now that I’m an adult I can totally handle it. No problem. I mean, do you need help with anything? I can feed your dog while you’re gone? Sure, of course.” And that was that. They took off and never came back. The dog is sitting by my feet....more

caution: mommy thoughts ahead

I'm sitting down in a cliché over stimulating Chuck E Cheese on a Friday night. Somewhere between kid-screaming chaos and video game crescendos. I'm distracted by lights that blink so rapidly I quietly wonder how anyone hasn't had a siezure yet. Or maybe they have. Maybe this mouse has it out for us all. I contemplate mouse double agendas...both scary mutant giant mouses and the seemingly harmless ones that hide inconspicuously within corners of our homes. What is this world coming to?...more


Inside of me, there’s this creative person that feels like she’s being told to quiet down, that there’s no time for her. That she’s not important right now. And that bothers me.It’s like telling my best friend that I can’t go shoe shopping. I’m too busy. ...more

Find the good

I consider my self a good person.I open doors for strangers.I don't ride someone's bumper that cuts in front.I even have this fairly convincing polite laugh that I'll use in awkward silences. To make them less awkward, of course.In the grand scheme of good-ness I would rate myself at about a 7 out of 10. Because you can always do better, right?...more

the post I shouldn't write

I work.Specifically, my work involves people. People at their most vulnerable moments. People trying to fight or fly. There are breaking points, learning curves. I am a nurse. My work is people.I always shy away from writing about work. There's this frightening thing out there called HIPAA. And though it is very good and very necessary, it makes me afraid to type out and talk about what I do for a living....more

Wild Woman

When I was 14 I remember being completely self conscious. I remember waking up before sunrise on those school mornings putting together an outfit, carefully applying on Covergirl, and putting together a "best version" of myself day after day so I would get noticed. I wanted the popularity, I wanted the attention....more

on feeling defeat

There is a lot going on behind the scenes of this post right now. But instead of focusing on the details-what I want to put out there and what I choose to bury deep, I am going to go broad.Defeat. Powerlessness. Anguish.These come up in our everyday lives in certain levels of minuscule and magnitude. It's easy to find them. Try hopping in line at the grocery store....more

Feeling helpless?

These days it's easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless. I think our day-to-day fosters it, with our worlds getting smaller and smaller, anything accessible at the touch of a finger. Sometimes we focus on the drastic, big things and lose sight of the modest, little things. I've found that when we only see the big things in life we become overtaken. Our worldview is in black and white, one extreme after another....more
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The Mommy Rodeo: How Do We Survive the Ride?

Inner peace. What the heck is that?! So let's call this a hypothetical situation: You are working in a job that you have a love/hate relationship with. Your hours on the clock are filled with constant buzzing sounds. People are always coming up to you with questions that you must find answers in a reasonable amount of time. Breaks are almost non-existent and eating lunch at 3:00pm is the norm. Oh, and let's just say 30 minutes to eat is maybe 10 minutes most days. ...more
@davenportdiy I couldn't agree with you more! Thank you so much for reading!more

Warning: brutal honesty next 300 miles

This is a road construction site. Work in progress.Slow down, fines apply for noncompliance.You've been warned.Let's see, how do I begin? Ah, yes on the subject of weight loss......more
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