I keep imagining the day when the police car roaming the elementary school parking feels normal. Will it ever? And should it? For as thankful that I am that they are there, I also feel the pit in my stomach reliving over and over what just happened in the community one town over. Every day I drop my daughter off to preschool I feel like vomiting. Every morning I wave to my son as he gets on the ...more

Yes It Does

Love Wins Forever

His smile now beams, and goo goo's are now rising and falling as he learns the power of his own voice.  Funny. Lately, I am feeling as if I am re-learning that same lesson all over again. Voices have power. Voice have meaning. My littlest of three turns six months old by the weeks end. He is beyond a blessing. He is is contagious, and beautiful, and everything that encompasses sweet in the world ...more

1 Month

I was elbow in green cookie dough. It was the best I could do. I can't heal hearts- I wish I could. All I could do now is fill bellies with sweets and hope that it provides a moment of comfort. 80 cookies later-most of which going to a bake sale for my husbands work in honor of one of those sweet angels--I am still wondering how this happened here. Wondering why. 80 Sandy Hook Minty's later and ...more

My 6yr Old Made Me A Mom

My six year old is what made me a Mom. Prior to him, I loved children, but had no idea what birthing one could do to ones definition of love. The love I once knew prior to motherhood sort of exploded on the day he was born. There hasn't been a night since December 14th that I haven't went over in my head what happened at Sandy Hook. There hasn't been a night I haven't awaken from nightmares or ...more

Forever Changed

I was packing lunches today and sobbing into a peanut butter and fluff sandwich. Concealing myself from wide eyes in the other room-- my mind raced. "Why? How could this happen? How could I be making lunches for my kids today just like parents did a few miles away last Friday unknowing how their lives would change forever? This is a place people move to to raise children and put their kids in ...more

My Political 2 Cents

One of the beautiful things about being an American is our Freedom of speech and our rights to vote. I can't even imagine living somewhere someone told me how to think, what to believe, and getting dictated how to live life. Living in America and having a voice is a gift we often taken for granted. This election year really bothered me. I totally respect ones right to voice their opinions but I ...more

O'Sandy: I am thankful

I am grateful to report that we survived unscathed by Sandy's wrath. She was brutal up here on the east coast. She knocked out, and destroyed large portions of places I used to frequent. She left thousands homeless, babies hungry, humans without a pair a socks to call their own. It is odd to encounter this when you are mere miles away complaining about loss of power. Don't get me wrong, loss of ...more

Sandy Sandy Sandy

I sort of feel like we should all get up and sing "Grease Lightening" or something. Maybe put on poodle skirt? Smack gum? Sing a duet of Summer loven with my husband? Except our version of Sandy in Connecticut is not such a great movie. I know I should be "prepared". I didn't buy 3,000 gallons of water. Nor did I buy any batteries. I figured if I had wine and a toothbrush I was golden right? It ...more

My new gig!

It is hard for me to imagine the working world after being out of it for so long. Almost 7 years later, I wonder what my life felt like with full time work. I do remember the great gratification of helping others in need, and yearn for it often. I would never trade in my time at home with my kids, or my yoga pants for that matter. The fact that I continue to be able to do it is ...more