Sudden Flashes of Understandting

I’m getting older, and sometimes, I get a little bummed about that.  You know how you hear people talk about how life gets richer and more enjoyable as we age?  Sometimes – usually – I have no idea what they are talking about.Today, for some reason, a poem I have not read in years started rattling around in my head.  I don’t know why.  Perhaps because this past weekend, I took a picture of a lovely tree in my mother and father’s back yard: ...more

Family Classics

It's a rainy day here in the San Francisco Bay Area, the first one in ever so long.  We Bay Area folk have been packing sun hats and sun block to our soccer games even through this past weekend.  It's been crazy and wonderful and warmish.  But the lovely grayness is wonderful too.  How could it not be wonderful to live near this?...more

Simply and Only

You Saved Us, San Francisco

San Francisco, you saved us all.  You granted a wish, and gave an unfathomable gift to one little boy and to the thousands and thousands of people who watched his dream come true.For anyone who may have been under a rock, or God forbid working, today, for anyone who missed the feel-good story of a lifetime, for anyone who blubbers like a giant size softie on a soggy waffle cone (because I fall in that latter category), this story is for you....more

Nitty Gritty Little Ditty

Tonight I cannot write a postBecause my brain has turned to toast.The day has worn me to a nub,I need to sink into the tub.But can't because I'm too darn beat,And find I cannot move my feet.It's all their fault, this state of woe,As every mom does surely know.Theirs, the fault for my malaise.Theirs, the fault for this dark haze.For in the space past 5 o-clock,My children hover and they stalkEach other just to make me screamSo they can say YOU ARE SO MEAN....more

A Refrigerator's Worth A Thousand Words

Author's note: I keep forgetting to cross post for NaBloPoMo...perhaps because I'm posting at the last moment before I fall asleep...and yet I have, in fact, so far kept up with daily posting!  Please visit And I'll Raise You 5 to see more November posts. NaBloPoMo Writing Prompt for November 12, 2013: Name five things inside your refrigerator right now and how you feel about them.  ...more

Fill in the Blank Quickly, Please

In a noisy car today, Little T announced:...more

Musings of a Hypocrite

AKA: Musings of a ParentI just listened to my husband interact with my 7 year old daughter in a way I did not agree with; I was of the opinion that he was being irrational, that he was letting his own emotions get the better of the situation.  I was bothered that he was not more able to be detached and calm in the face of her storm…and not 10 minutes later, I behaved in an appalling way with my 13 year old son.  Hypocrisy, thy name is me....more

The Mighty Minion

Minions were hot this past Halloween.We went to the Boo Fest Halloween soccer tournament in Sacramento, and saw lots and lots and lots of minions.  Mine was the best, hands down, and I am so totally not biased.  It's just a matter of objective fact.  Of course, she had the advantage of possessing that "Minion Personality" before she even donned the costume; those other minions, the ones who merely put on a persona, didn't stand a chance.  This minion was made for the role.  Which pretty much shines through, don't you think?...more

Today's Silver Lining

Don't want to fail NaBloPoMo on Day #5, but this is all I have the time and energy for today....more