The Outfit. And The Why.

Me: Time for shopping! Lets put on our clothes.M: Shorts!Me: Oh honey, no shorts. It's too cold outside for shorts ....more

Interstellar, parenting, and love

Before children, K and I were not frequent movie goers. Once a year was fairly typical as I'm more of a sit in PJs and pause every so often to discuss how I feel about the movie kind of person. Post children, the record remains fairly steady except that the once-a-year movie excursion feels packed with excitement because wow we're on our own without kiddos! ...more

14 things [bookish and otherwise] I learned in 2014

How is it the eve of 2015? No- really. I demand to know how because I frankly can't make heads or tails of it ....more

Ten alternative titles For "Written in the Stars"

Well, hello! My has it been a while. I've been here ....more

On schooling, baking, and the looming future

Today my four-year-old and I curled up on the couch while the toddler napped. We flipped open my laptop and put together our tentative Thanksgiving menu. We watched as Alton Brown demonstrated how to prepare the perfect pecan chocolate pie ....more

First Annotated ARC give-away of WRITTEN IN THE STARS!

One of the biggest reasons I buy books over borrowing them from the library is because I'm a notorious margin-writer. As any friend who has ever borrowed a book from me can attest to, I love underlining favorite passages, or marking just what a certain scene meant to me. I even have two copies of some of my favorites, one clean copy and one with my thoughts ....more

Bill Maher- and why our stories deeply matter

Yesterday my husband turned on Bill Maher. He said this:...more

We Need Diverse Books and our IndieGoGo fundraiser NEEDS YOU! :)

You may have heard of We Need Diverse Books as the organization whose hashtag went viral back in May when we launched a campaign to share with the world why diverse books in literature matter. We were covered in many major news outlet from around the globe and the coverage shows no sign of slowing down. Since then we’ve incorporated, and have new initiatives coming down the pipeline ....more

Goodreads Giveaway!

My first give-away is live now at GoodReads! To enter simply click below, give-away ends midnight October 18th at which point a winner will be selected at random by goodreads! ...more

Who will be the next Malala?

Malala Yousafzai age seventeen won the Nobel Peace Prize today. Despite threats and push back and outright violence that nearly killed her she has never given up her journey to fight for not only her own right to an education but the right for all to have a fair and just education. She is the youngest to receive the honor and the fact that she is both Muslim and Pakistani gives me no small measure of joy ....more