On parenting, distraction, and dreams

Being a mom and writer can have moments of... juggling. Sometimes my creative moments happen right as I put lunch on the table ....more

On my book, Barnes and Nobles, and a give-away coming soon!

When Written in the Stars became available for pre-order at Amazon a few months ago, it felt amazing-- but today when someone e-mailed me that they pre-ordered my book from Barnes and Noble's site- well that nearly made me topple my chai! It may just be their online store, but just knowing it's at Barnes and Noble in any capacity makes it feel that much closer to the brick and mortars, and to being something I can hold in my hands.As the date to release inches closer, I'm planning a give-away close to release date, but with a twist. Instead of just a book give-away[which I hope you will support anyways] the give-away book will also be a supplement to the actual book with handwritten notes from me with behind the scenes on the writing process and other fun facts in the margins ....more

Homeschooling and a sneak peek into our fancy schmancy curriculum

As many of you know, we've been debating the whole homeschooling versus regular schooling thing for some time. We checked out the four-year-old's local preschool a few months back and put him in the lottery with 80 other kids for 24 slots [and of course, he got in] but ultimately we decided to skip preschool this year which always leads to the question by friends and family of "what are you doing?" which leads to me say we're homeschooling even though the word makes me giggle just a little because, well, he's four. Georgia doesn't even require you to file an intent to home school until a child is six.But because preschool is so much the norm ....more

When do you find time to write?


Writerly Wednesday: Writing Partners

Many a moon ago I had a story idea. I doodled my thoughts. Wrote down snippets and sketched out characters ....more

Tyrant and the dangerous narrative of The Other

Growing up, the people who look like the men in my life on the Western television screen never played the romantic lead or the dashing hero- instead, they played the bad guys or the comedic relief- the bumbling gas station employee or the hilarious [fill in the blank] who would soon be outwitted. Fast forward to present day and not a great deal has changed, after all, we're still in an era of Homeland, a show I watched initially hopeful for complexity but which ultimately devolved into a woman shrieking as she held the Quran belonging to her secret Muslim husband, who in truth did quickly transition from good American man into a beer drinking, adulterous, Muslim terrorist upon conversion.When I heard about Tyrant, the beloved baby of the creator of Homeland and 24, I wasn't exactly optimistic. When I read the premise, an assimilated Arab American living the happy middle class American life with his wife and kids with nary an evil thought in his head until.. ....more

The rockstar ARC goes on tour and the weightless free floating nature of letting go

I'm part of a lovely group of YA and MG authors debuting in 2015. We are the Fearless Fifteeners and as confusing as publishing can sometimes be, it's been awesome to have others going through the same journey at the exact same time to talk it all over with. A little while ago I got my ARCs in the mail and it was a thrilling moment ....more

Why I Write

When my friend Grace Hwang Lynch contacted me about the writing process tour, I was honored. Hers went up last week, and this week is my turn to share a little more insight into my writing life. What am I working on? ...more


Folding laundry, my husband brings up a heavy package. Ordered more books? I didn't-- but gifts of the bookish sort would not be a shock for a bookworm like me ....more

On Ramadan, crafts for kids, and salvation

Ramadan is different with kids. First of all, it's unquestionably harder. No more sleeping in ....more