This. that. and, bat.

Dusts off blog, walks past tumbleweeds. Wow. It's been almost two months since I posted here.I have so much to share ....more

On book releases, launch parties, and gratitude

It's been officially one week since my book was released! It's been a whirlwind of emotions, from stress to panic to gratitude and pure disbelief that this is really happening. Book release day I felt like a caged humming bird, the nervousness just beating against my chest ....more

On the eve of book pub: six ways to support authors

It's happening. Tomorrow my book officially goes into the great big world. I feel eased into it in some ways, first with bound manuscripts, then advance review copies but now feels different because now it's real and it's just you know, giving me goosebumps to know that it's really almost here ....more

It's March! My Book! Sleep! GIFS!

I'm really tired lately. The reason for that is the sleep issues with my toddler that I wrote about last time are still ever-present so I'm sort of in a strange dream-like haze most of the time. If you hung out with me or otherwise engaged me in any sort of conversation these past four weeks and smiled politely but really wanted to do this: I'm sorry ....more

Ode to sleep

We can blame it on a number of things from incoming molars to learning how to climb out of his crib but at the end of the day the fact remains that the two year old has decided sleeping is so very 2014. The problem however is I actually like sleep. It's kind of cool ....more

Book Launch Party!

My book is coming out next month.This is such a rush of emotions. To realize a book I have put my entire heart into is going to be published in just a few short weeks is enough to make me..... I don't even know how to explain how that feels ....more

Dumbing down my smart phone

There once was a time I never knew where my cell phone was. I valued it but I didn't need it.Fast forward to 2015. I always know where my phone is ....more

The Outfit. And The Why.

Me: Time for shopping! Lets put on our clothes.M: Shorts!Me: Oh honey, no shorts. It's too cold outside for shorts ....more

Interstellar, parenting, and love

Before children, K and I were not frequent movie goers. Once a year was fairly typical as I'm more of a sit in PJs and pause every so often to discuss how I feel about the movie kind of person. Post children, the record remains fairly steady except that the once-a-year movie excursion feels packed with excitement because wow we're on our own without kiddos! ...more

14 things [bookish and otherwise] I learned in 2014

How is it the eve of 2015? No- really. I demand to know how because I frankly can't make heads or tails of it ....more