"Working Day and Night"

I haven't left any crumbs on Blogher for a while -- I think I have too many social-networking attempts going on, and it's definitely catching up to me by way of not having the time to update all of them!  Yes, I seem to be addicted to all of the social media.  Email, blogging, facebook, twitter, you name it.  It's pathetic and I may need an intervention soon. ...more

"Welcome to the Black Parade"

The Beast.  The Monster.  The Idiot.  Yes, folks, I'm writing about my dog Roo again.  He's in big trouble today.  Aside from his usual antics of barking at nothing and shedding to spite me...more

Ummm . . . cute back when he was little, or cute now that he's a monster?  Haha, ...more


When I picked Emerson up from pre-school yesterday, I found her sitting with another girl on the carpet, chatting and giggling away.  The teacher gave me a smile as I entered, but was it really a smirk?  I scooped up my daughter and as I put her in the car, I asked her what they were laughing about when I walked in.    ...more

"We're Going To Be Friends"

The other night Aidan kept harrassing me to write down all our important information on a piece of paper (names, address, cell numbers, email).  He was really excited to deliver this information to his 2nd-grade buddy, Colin.  The next day, Aidan had all Colin's important contact information in his folder.  (Why can't they just have Facebook for kids?)  But when I picked up Aidan from school on Friday, I was a bit surprised when he said excitedly, "Alright Mom.  We gotta hurry up and get home.  Colin's coming over!  Today!  At four o'cl...more

"Psycho Killer"

Check out my blog for a list of my top ten scary movies of all time!  http://alittlebitrocknroll.blogspot.com...more


I have no idea what I'm doing, but here we go. I am a vegetarian wife, mother of two, high school teacher, coffee addict, #6 out of 8 daughters, newly created exercise junkie, reader, wearer of black shirts, and a confirmed procrastinator.  Can't wait to check out Blogher and figure out how to use it!http://alittlebitrocknroll.blogspot.com   ...more