Ash and Me VS. Evil Dead (or ComicCon #2)

I meant to show you my second comiccon in November, but I've been disinclined to sit in front of the blank Blogger page. Plus stupid facebook and work and kids and laundry. ...more

A PSA: Parental Service Announcement

You know, my parents never told me about RHPS. Not once was it mentioned in our house - I had to learn about it the hard way, on the streets. In fact, the very first time I really even heard of RHPS was from a church friend when I was IN COLLEGE.COLLEGE, PEOPLE. I felt so...Amish. I've never felt so alone in my life as that long ago midnight when I went to my first viewing. ...more

#Winning! and a Boudoir photo

SEXY, right?   ...more


I've been binge-watching SCANDAL. I know a lot of people are so crazy about this show, and I have to admit I found some of it fairly enjoyable myself.However, there are some things I'm having trouble getting past. ...more

For your summer TO READ lists:

Hooray for me!...more

Flashback Friday: FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE with Monty, The Lost Episodes

So I had completely forgotten I still had podomatic accounts - remember when I used to upload the shows in case you missed the live version? #Nostalgia Let's Friday Night together. From 2009 and 2010: FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE with Monty!...more

The bittersweet taste of April 19

**a re-post from a previous birthday** I sort of love this day -- it's my birthday.I love the sweet birthday wishes from everyone; they make me smile and feel happy and warm and loved. Thank you all so much for that. It's the day I feel truly which I mean my heart grows three sizes. (Oh, no worries, it will shrink back down in a couple of days and I'll be back in Curmudgeonland) I sort of hate this day -- it's my birthday....more

An Important Note to "Responsible Parents" About Prom and Graduation Nights

Dear "Responsible Parents," We're in the middle of Prom season and graduation is just around the corner, so I thought the time was ripe for a reminder of What Not To Do on Prom Night and/or Graduation Night. And that is: DO NOT RENT A ROOM AT A HOTEL FOR YOUR KIDS. ...more
Wow I had now idea parents would actually be willing to book their kids a hotel room. That is so ...more

You will be amazed at how your feel after reading this! #FakeUpworthyTitle

I used to write really crappy poetry.Well, when put that way, it sort of sounds like I USED to write really crappy poetry but now I write AWESOME poetry!Yeah, no.It means I used to attempt to write some kind of weird poetry and it was shitty and it sucked and now I don't do that anymore, much to the relief of everyone who accidentally read it when they came here to see what was new....more

Think Twice, Creep, it's Mi Vida Loca; Friday the 13th Birthday time.

The title names the #1 songs in the UK, US, and country charts on this day in 1995 - which happens to also be my kids' date of birth. I think the song titles are all fairly appropriate.Think Twice = with twins, you have to.Creep = yes, they are creepy. And creeps.Mi Vida Loca = IT TOTES IS.  It is time for the Annual Birthday Post!Simmah down, I can see your excitement from here. ...more