Pigs Do Fly

I still write in my about me section of any of my bios…“Three years ago my friend thought it would be a great idea to start a blog together. With a deep breath and fear that all the weirdos in the world would start stalking me or come to my house and kidnap my children we started blogging together and Laverne was born…”...more

My Girlfriends Guide to Chicago During BlogHer '13

In less then two weeks thousands of blogging gals will invade Chicago.  So of them are girlfriends, some of them I know of, others I admire from afar and others are strangers.  For one weekend they will all be bloggy girlfriends here in my city (I'm actually a Chicago suburbs girl) and here are the places, eats and attactions I would do with each of them to give them of Chicago during the short time they are here....more

A Lesson We Will Not Forget

The clock said 9:30am."I suppose I should actually get out of bed," I thought.This summer brought a magical gift.  A gift I had only dreamed of.  A gift I thought would never be bestowed on me....the gift of children that sleep in.  Yep! It was 9:30am and both my girls were still asleep.  Feeling a bit guilty for staying in bed that long and wasting so much of the morning (seriously I get to sleep in but now I have to feel guilty for sleeping in. this whole motherhood thing is exhausting)  I rolled out of bed....more

Do You Know What?

Driving around running errands is sooooo not the glamorous life. Nor is it at all entertaining. Sometimes a momma has to do what a momma has to do... "Mommy do you know what?" Francine smiles as she asks from the back seat of the car "No I don't know what!" I tease, "I have never met him. What does he look like? Is he tall?" "MOOOMMMMMMMMMM!!!" she sighs sooooo not into it. (Sometimes my humor is lost on my little ones. Sigh.) ...more
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My Husband Thinks I Cheer Too Loud

The sun warmed my skin. The weather was finally deciding it might actually start to feel like summer. I take off my flip flops and let me toes settle into the grass. Looking down to my left Olivia squints, smiles and looks up at me."How's the blanket? Are you comfy?""Yep! Comfy mom!  How much longer until the game is over?""It just started Olivia," I answer."Can I go play at the park?" she asks, because sometimes she just has to try."No, we are here to see your sisters soccer game. You need to stay and watch."...more

Talking To Strangers: 57 Flavors of Amazingness

I have spent three weeks working on this post.  Starting and stopping, revising, restarting, deleting, retyping...I just could not find the right word to share with and to tell you about Mel from According to Mags....more

My Mothers Day Gift To Me...akaOHMYLAWRDY

Last Sunday I was fresh of off a day at Milwakee EdCamp.  It was an amazing experience full of learning and connecting.  There really is nothing like it.  It is a teaching and learning process that could rock so many other worlds ie.blogging world or schools.  Did I say it was AMAZING!!!!  I left there recharged, full of ideas and excited about all I had learned and the people I had met....more


I never wrote a New Years post.  I never shared my vision for what I hoped this year would be for me.  I never wrote that I didn’t really want to change or work on something I lacked.  Why should I have to always change something, can’t I simply be enough just the way I am?  I never wrote that I wanted to own who I was and embrace it.  I never wrote how I wanted to take all of the things that were wonderful about me, own them, make them even more awesome and then shout them out to the world.   But this unwritten post brewed inside me for weeks…unwritten....more

Olivia's World #1: The Stair Stomping Monster

Once upon a time there was a Stair Stomping Monster named Mimia and she was nice, kind and helped people if anyone needs help.  She was special at all kinds of things.  Mimia likes her city.  Mimias city is called Stair Stomping Ville.  Even though Mimia lives in a city where all other Stair Stomping Monsters live she is different.  Shes different because all the monsters in Stair Stomping Ville stomp but Mimia does not, Mimia uses her words when she is happy, sad or mad....more