Before and After Changing the Mermaid's Wave painting.

 I have started on a new blog to showcase art and art ideas.  I just got started last week and have been working on ideas to keep it interesting.  I have a great before and after shot of my Mermaid's Wave painting and I tell how I changed and improved my painting.

NEW Children's Summer Bracelets by Akemanartist on Etsy

Great bracelet gifts for the child or preteen in your life.  Bracelets are bright, fun, a joy to wear and the little lampwork beads are adorable and quirky.

The Color of Creativity An Etsy Treasury by Bath Factory

New Art and Print Cards by Akemanartist

I have been busy with new art and new ideas. A lot of my friends on Kaboodle LOVE this Rockin' Sea Turtle I did.

New Art and Children's Bracelet

Pleasing Purple Treasury Great Finds at Great Buys

 apothacary chest by RavynsprtGlimmering Gems Purple HeartAnd there is more to find on this treasury I made of all the purple items I had found and favorited on Etsy.  Come and explore!...more

Dragon for Sale

Punky Pandapunk the Handmade Original bear by Baileys Bruins

 Punky Panda Punk Rock Bear by BaileysBruins on Etsy

Cupcake Bath Bomb!! YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS!

We Etsy sellers are doing a special social media challenge to help one another get our stuff out there. I found this lovely cupcake bath bomb I can't get a pic up here to show but click the link above and check it out. Makes me hungry just looking at it!

Amazon River Dolphin