Please Pass the Drugs

Or, "How I Ruined My Husband's Birthday"  I decided that for Adam's birthday this year I'd do something spectacular... so I broke my leg. Happy Birthday Honey, can you please drive me to the hospital? Ugh, seriously... what a great wife I am. After a night of games with our friends in Big Lake, Adam and I were walking from the cabin to our camper at about 2am. I was carrying Ellie in the baby bjorn on my front. About halfway to the camper I slipped, and, conscious of the fact that I might fall on my daughter, twisted around so I would fall on my butt instead....more

Does this laugh make me sound fat?

I swear, sometimes the things Adam says just crack me up so hard. I could not stop laughing after we had this conversation: Adam (looking over my shoulder as I'm writing a text message): You know, I hate it when you write "bahahahaha". Me: Well that's mean. Why? Adam: Because I all I can picture when I read that is a really super fat man. (in a low low jovial voice, pretending to shake fake stomach fat) "BWA-HA-HA-HA"......more

The Very. First. Superwife. Giveaway!!

I read so many blogs that give away stuff, and I although I never win anything I totally still think it's cool. Therefore... you should continue to read my blog and tell all of your friends, coworkers, family, enemies, etc to read this blog BECAUSE I'M GONNA GIVE AWAY FREE SHIT. Woot! So... I've got a custom knit hat just for you. I won't even make it until you win it. How cool is that? Bet you couldn't guess I'd give away a hat, eh?...more

POP QUIZ: WWTFD (What Would The Fasts Do)?

THE SITUATION: Your dog wakes you up at 3:45 in the morning by ripping a GIANT fart and whining in the corner of your newly-white-carpeted-bedroom. Upon inspection, you find that there is a liquid shit trail that completely circles your bed (and is amazingly also on some parts of the wall)....more

My, How Things Have Changed... For ME

Fast Household Morning Routines BEFORE Baby: Adam: shut off ridiculously loud and annoying alarm 3 or 4 times before opening eyes play Words With Friends on iphone for 15 minutes start car from bathroom with handy remote start shower, shave and get dressed within 15 minutes head out the door to work, approximately 20-30 minutes after final alarm went offJenny: listen to Adam's ridiculously loud and annoying ala...more

certainly, lot lots of routine changes happen to women when they have a baby and they still ...more

Yep... We're Married

Adam and I were in the car the other day discussing his birthday plans, and he told me that I am "required" to come out to the cabin with him for a snowmachine trip next weekend (his bday is the 19th). Thinking back to the last time I was at our little cabin in Talkeetna, I remembered that while I was *a little* intoxicated over New Year's Eve I *may* have stepped in a bit of dog doo. Or a freaking POOL of it, from the looks of my boots. Which I haven't cleaned off yet, because, well, it's disgusting and I have a majorly sensitive nose (and gag reflex)....more

Superwife's Strawberry Pulled Pork

Okaaaaaay... since I made all of your little mouths water by posting a pic on facebook today... here is the delicious recipe. :) I hope you'll all remember that I'm not so good at "measuring" things when I cook, so I guessed for you....more