The State of Affairs: October 2013

In October, we... ---Got a dog ---Watched the town Homecoming Parade (I love small-town traditions!) ---Had a haircut (a drastic cut for A & M; not so drastic for me) ---Attended a costume-themed birthday party and a Harvest Festival at church...all on the same day! ---Took a field trip to the pumpkin patch with the MDO class ---Celebrated Halloween Books read:...more


Looking through pictures from October, it seems it was the month of the dog....more

The Stranger You Know, by Andrea Kane

Sometime last year, I read The Line Between Here and Gone, which is one of three books in author Andrea Kane's Forensic Instincts series....more

Life Lessons {Halloween edition}

Oh, hey's been awhile, hasn't it?...more

The State of Affairs: September 2013

We have been dreaming of September for months and months, for one simple reason:...more

The Slimdown: An Update

Since I started Weight Watchers and the Biggest Blogging Loser back in June, I have lost fifteen pounds....more

The State of Affairs: August 2013

It was a struggle to remember much of what happened in August....more

The Panopticon, by Jenni Fagan

I must admit, it took me forever to get around to starting this book....more

Lucky Seven

Last week, Jeremy and I celebrated seven years of marriage....more

Hungry, by Darlene Barnes

I don't read a lot of memoirs, but if more were written like this book, I would gladly become a devoted fan of the genre....more