Another Dress Turned Tunic + My Vlog

From À LA MODEST These photos are somewhat old. They are from mid June, and I was 17 weeks! I am at 22 weeks now ....more

A Bodycon is Better w/ the BUMP! + Boohoo #WeAreUSA

From À LA MODEST I find it kind of funny how other pregnant women choose to wear bodycon dresses in their later stages of pregnancy. Besides wearing a crop top, bodycons would probably be the next most obvious way to show off that “baby bump,” as so many people like (or hate) to call it! I’m also collaborating with one of my favorite indie stores, Boohoo for their #WeAreUSA campaign ....more

Non-Maternity Dress Worn As Maternity + The Mint Julep Boutique GIVEAWAY!

From À LA MODEST I’m noticing elements of Art Deco with today’s outfit but only really saw it afterwards! Perhaps it’s the geometric necklace paired with the bat wing silhouette of the scarf. I enjoy happy accidents with clothing ....more

Staying Stylish & Active While Pregnant + Yoga Pants Giveaway

From À LA MODEST Earlier this year, I received my certification for teaching hatha yoga. It was also the same time I found out I was pregnant! I took a leave of absence from teaching, because my particular class was really rigorous on the body ....more

Finally letting this out…we are having a BABY! (Pro-Life)

From À LA MODEST I am 19 weeks pregnant today! We just announced our pregnancy on Facebook yesterday, and we had an overwhelmingly positive response despite the political implications (Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice) and controversy surrounding the way we announced it. We also posted the announcement on our health conspiracy blog, which is an appropriate platform for the message we are trying to get out ....more

My Review of Savers Thrift Store (Value Village) + Grand Opening Owings Mills, MD

From À LA MODEST Here is the outfit I put together with the pink Delia’s dress I picked up from Savers during their sneak peek shopping event before the grand opening in Owings Mills, MD. They invited me to come as a local Baltimore fashion blogger to check out the place and shop around to my heart’s content (not really, but close)! I didn’t really try on the clothes I picked out, so I ended up with really short dresses ....more

I Don’t “Prefer” White People: On Race Relations, Eugenics, and Natural Selection

From À LA MODEST Believe it or not, I have actually gotten guff from a few individuals about...more

She’s Making Jewelry Now

From À LA MODEST I can’t believe it’s been almost two months since my last “real” update! First of all, I just graduated from being a certified hatha yoga instructor! Not that certification actually means anything, especially if you are aware of even a shred of what yoga really entails ....more

Covenant Gear: Not Just Another Christian T-Shirt Company

From À LA MODEST When I stumbled upon Covenant Gear, I quickly realized that this wasn’t just another Christian t-shirt company to add on to the pile of the many faith-based graphic tee companies out there. First off, “Jesus Freak,” “True Love Waits,” “Modest is Hottest” weren’t on any of their t-shirts. There’s nothing wrong about these slogans in themselves of course, but frankly, they are expected to be everywhere ....more

Kikr App: Get Rewards for Sharing Products

From À LA MODEST Do you like sharing products or stores you like or deals you stumble upon? Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid for that? Oh, yes ....more