Plaid on Plaid / Finding Your Constant (SAD)

From À LA MODEST Winter is especially a time when many of us are feeling sad and lonely, regardless of circumstance. I find myself feeling most vulnerable on winter nights—the combination of cold weather and early darkness just tears me down. I am mostly introverted, but when the sun goes down, I am often needing and wanting company ....more

Beautiful Nude Shoes

From À LA MODEST ...more

The Many Sides’ Winter Look Book + GIVEAWAY!

From À LA MODEST The Many Sides is a shopping hub for indie, alternative, edgy, and creative fashion. You could almost think of it as an art gallery where you could purchase the pieces and wear them! I gathered my favorite winter clothes from their website to show you! ...more

The Clash: Black, Brown, and Blue.

From À LA MODEST When I wore this ensemble to one of our holiday parties, it was in the evening. The skirt looked more like a darker navy blue, and these photos made it seem much, much lighter! If you would like to see how dark this really is, take a look at my previous outfit ....more

The Tree of Life

Many of you probably have not seen the movie The Tree of Life from 2011. From what I recall, it was only released in select theaters. I don’t want to call it an “indie” film, because the director and actors (Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain, Sean Penn) are well established and very well known ....more

What Colors to Wear on New Year’s Eve

Photo source: Ben Watts of Self Magazine I don’t know about you, but I like to think of New Year’s Eve in three colors—gold, silver, and multicolor. Okay, the multicolor part was cheating. You know what I mean though ....more

Big Scarves Are Like Warm Hugs & Sony’s The Interview

Scarves to me are the ultimate accessory. You can wear them in so many different ways. They also protect you from the cold and harsh winds of winter ....more

Marijuana Sunday (Note: Humor not Heresy)

From À LA MODEST :: Conservative Indie Fashion Style Blogger This post is intended to be lighthearted and not at all meant to encourage...more

ALAMODEST Thanksgiving & Black Friday SALE: Buy 1 Get 1 50% OFF

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High Fashion Fall/Winter Boho + Jewelry

From À LA MODEST :: Conservative Indie Fashion Style Blogger Etro: Fall/Winter 2009 Peter Dundas: Fall/Winter 2013 – Miss Selfridge: Fall/Winter 2010 I’ve never...more