Tomato Recipes ♥ Alphabet of Vegetables

Hello Vegetable Lovers: Housekeeping continues for the Alphabet of Vegetables here on A Veggie Venture, hand-building special pages for our "most favorite" vegetables. This new page for tomatoes turned out to be a particular labor of love – yikes, almost three days of work, all told – so many good recipes, working hard to making it easy-easy for readers and visitors to quickly find exactly the right recipe. Maybe that's why there's a tomato named after me?! ...more

Grilled Flatbread

The Recipe: Homemade Grilled Flatbread made with rye flour and fresh herbs. Great flavor, great texture! Easy to make, especially with step-by-step photo instructions ....more

How to Make Grilled Flatbread from Scratch

Grilled Flatbread, it's easy to make at home, just a few pantry ingredients, a little time and there you go, a stack of grilled flatbreads ready for your creative topping! Here's how to make Grilled Flatbread, all in easy-to-follow step-by-step photo instructions. You'll be grillin' in no time! ...more

Recipe for Naturally Sweetened Apple Butter

So get out the butter and put away the sugar, we're going to make apple butter, real apple butter, the "slow food" approach to homemade apple butter. In this recipe, the apple butter is naturally sweetened with apple cider, dotted with a little butter for richness and spends a long (loooong!) time in the oven or in a slow cooker. So yes, this apple cider is "sugar free" – or better put, has "no ...more

Armenian Vegetable Stew ♥ Recipe

Today's vegetable recipe: A simple vegetable stew, a mélange of late-summer and early-fall vegetables like eggplant, peppers, summer squash, tomatoes, okra. Very Weight Watchers Friendly, just WW 1 PointsPlus for a whole cup. Low Cal ....more

Snickerdoodle Bars Recipe

The Recipe: Thick, chewy snickerdoodle bars, just like snickerdoodle cookies except with the firm, chewy texture of blondies. The edge pieces are especially good! Texture makes Snickerdoodle Bars special but it’s the cinnamon that makes them stand out ....more

Seasonal Vegetable Stews ♥ 10 Killer Recipes, 10 Tips & Techniques

Ten favorite vegetable stew recipes for all seasons, summer, fall, winter and year-round. These are "killer stew recipes" – tried & true, healthy, great-tasting, easy to incorporate the vegetables you love and leave out the ones you don't. Some recipes work best with a cornucopia of fresh summer vegetables from your CSA, garden or farmers market; others work beautifully with year-round supermarket vegetables ....more

Summer's Tomato Soup

A simple, light herb-tinged homemade tomato soup, made with fresh tomatoes. Beautiful color. Looks simple, tastes complex ....more

Twice-Roasted Beets with Fruit and Avocado Feta Cream ♥ A Five-Star First Course!

My latest beet salad recipe: Roasted beets roasted a second time, this time with summer fruits like grapes and cherries and blueberries. Served warm! On the side? ...more

Roasted Roma Tomatoes Recipe

The Recipe: Simple roasted Roma tomatoes, using time and temperature to turn so-so supermarket tomatoes into something truly special. Not just vegan, Vegan Done Real. The Conversation: My stake in Ferguson ....more