Chocolate-Almond Shortbread Cookies

The Recipe: Another idea for your cookie Christmas plate – or for shipping cross-country to your favorite cookie monster. The crisp little chocolate shortbreads are are slice 'n' bake, easy-easy to make and "low sugar" or what I call "almost sugar free". For anyone who avoids wheat? ...more

How to Make Lefse ♥ Video & Recipe from a Lefse Expert

Something special today, people! I'd like to introduce everyone to lefse [pronounced LEFF-suh], the specialty bread traditional at Christmas across Scandinavia, especially in Norway. Here to help is expert lefse-maker LeAnne Kruger, who's going to show us how to make lefse, step-by-step in video ....more

Spinach Pinwheels ♥ with Pears & Dried Cranberries

Today's vegetable recipe: A really pretty holiday appetizer, bright-green spinach tortillas wrapped around a pear-spinach-cranberry cream cheese filling. Easy to make, very popular on a buffet table or party spread! Low carb and surprisingly low in calories ....more

Christmas Banana Bread

Do you think of banana bread as "Christmas-y"? Me either! But then again, maybe it should be ....more

Turkey Sweet Potato Soup

One of my oldest recipes, a healthy colorful soup made with sweet potatoes and leftover turkey. It's like a bowlful of fall color. And it's extra easy to make, there's no need to even sauté the onion and celery before adding the rest of the ingredients ....more

Honey Pumpkin Pie ♥

Yum! Homemade pumpkin pie, here sweetened with honey instead of processed sugar. The filling is soft and smooth and dreamy good ....more

Pumpkin Cheesecake

The Recipe: A five-star dessert, a creamy-creamy barely sweet pumpkin cheesecake. There's three layers, a crust made with ginger cookies and pecans; the cheesecake layer, full of warm pumpkin-pie spices and a splash of bourbon; and a creamy layer of firm, bourbon-spiked sour cream. Make it a day ahead, either in a full-size cheesecake for a crowd or a Thanksgiving buffet or in a mini cheesecake ...more

Simple Scalloped Potatoes ♥ Recipe

How to make scalloped potatoes with just five ingredients, thin-thin layers of potato, the bottom gets as crispy as good hashed browns and the top layer gets crispy like kettle chips! This may be a "simple" recipe for scalloped potatoes but the results are most impressive. Hello again, veggie lovers! ...more

One Quick Tip: Why Dried Beans Won’t Cook

Have you wondered why a pot of dried beans just won't cook? Or cooked beans that turn out tough, especially the skins? Or experienced a favorite bean recipe that every once in awhile, just doesn't turn out right? ...more

Slow Cooker Garlic Smashed Potatoes ♥ Recipe

Hello, veggie lovers! It's November and at A Veggie Venture, that means it's time to go crazy for the real stars on the Thanksgiving table, the vegetables! I've been collecting especially-for-Thanksgiving vegetable recipes since 2006 ....more