Warm Caprese Bites ♥

Today's quick summer appetizer recipe: A miniature bite of caprese salad, warm and cheesy. So really, how does Trader Joe's read my mind? how does it know what I want before I walk the door? ...more

Fruity Gazpacho

The Recipes: Two recipes today, both really show off summer's best fruits. First, an unusual savory-sweet soup I call "Fruity Gazpacho" that's good as an appetizer, an entrée, even a dessert. It mixes fruits and vegetables and is positively fresh and delicious ....more

Avocado Recipes ♥ Alphabet of Vegetables

This Veggie Evangelist came late to the "Avocado Craze" but is catching up, fast! Here you'll find a whole collection of avocado facts and seasonal avocado recipes, savory to sweet, salads to sides, soups to supper, simple to special. And of course, guacamole recipes too!PS Facebook & Pinterest users, if you like A Veggie Venture, be sure to "like" and "share" and "pin" this page ....more

Salmon with Pesto Zucchini Noodles & Warm Tomatoes

The Recipe: Simple, simple, simple summer food, just salmon cooked on a bed of pesto-tossed zucchini noodles. The Story: How a doe feeding in a traffic circle near Whole Foods helped me re-think summer food. This recipe is so quick and easy that I'm adding it to a special collection of easy summer recipes published every summer since 2009 ....more

Day 101: Eggplant Sandwiches with Cilantro Hummus ♥

Today's vegetable sandwich recipe: Quick and easy, just baked eggplant slices paired with a healthy green hummus. Not just vegan, "Vegan Done Real". ~recipe updated from the Recipe Box, first posted 2005!~~recipe republished 2015 for a little Meatless Monday inspiration~ ~more recently updated recipes~ WAY BACK IN 2005: Talk about supper in a flash! ...more

Stacked Ratatouille ♥ A Fun Summer Recipe

Another hit recipe from our favorite cookbook this summer, Seven Fires by fascinating Argentinian chef Francis Mallmann. Appearance-wise, it's dramatic; preparation-wise, it's ever so simple. It's just sliced rounds of baked (and "burned"!) eggplant, tomato and summer squash, topped with a lemony spinach if you like ....more

Homemade Basil Pesto

The Recipe: How to make basil pesto at home. My simple pesto recipe calls for just five ingredients and two easy-to-remember techniques to prevent the problems that we some times encounter with homemade pesto, bitterness and muddiness. Not just vegan, Vegan Done Real ....more

Pretty Ways to Serve Tomatoes

Hello, Tomato Lovers! Here's just what you've been looking for, a collection of tips and photos, all the prettiest ways to serve sweet, juicy summer tomatoes. Who else is as excited as all get-out that it is tomato season?! ...more

Italian Sausage with Grapes & Greens

The Recipe: Healthy Italian sausages from Trader Joe's onions and grapes (or cherries! or blackberries!) glazed with balsamic vinegar. Recipe updated & republished 2015 for a little weekend cooking inspiration! ...more

Day 104: Chipotle Chickpea Salad ♥

One of my favorite salads from of A Veggie Venture, canned beans mixed with summer-fresh vegetables and a smidgin of heat from a pantry ingredient, chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. Lots of rave reviews! ~recipe updated 2015~~ republished for a little weekend cooking inspiration 2015~~more recently updated recipes~ Day 104, 2005: Who else has been tripping over recipes raving about chipotle peppers in adobo sauce? ...more