Easy Almond Crackers

The Recipe: Easy homemade crackers made with almond meal (also called almond flour) or a mix of almond meal and pecan meal or almond meal and flax meal plus pantry ingredients – that's right, naturally gluten-free and no hard-to-find ingredients to invest in. Using nut flours instead of wheat flours means the crackers are low-carb but contain protein too. I like to carry crisp, peppery Easy ...more

Laura’s Famous Chunky Guacamole ♥

How to make a great bowl of chunky guacamole, big pieces of ripe avocado tossed with poblano, tomato, onion, cilantro and brightened with lemon juice instead of lime juice. Laura's Famous Chunky Guacamole is the family favorite, the one appetizer found at every single family party. But word to the wise ....more

Karelian Borscht: a Finnish - Russian Beet Borscht Soup

A Russian beet borscht soup recipe, made extra hearty with sausage and a swirl of sour cream but also especially earthy and delicious as a vegetarian borscht. First published in print in 2004, updated and republished in 2015 for a little weekend cooking inspiration. Beet lovers, welcome to beet heaven! ...more

Creamy Spinach or Beet Greens with Roasted Beets ♥

Today's vegetable recipe, a quick side dish or even a light main course: Spinach leaves or beet greens cooked gently with a little cream, combined with roasted beet. Simple as can be, way more than the sum of its parts! ~recipe & photo updated 2013 & 2015~~more recently updated recipes~ Original 2007 Post: As so often happens in the kitchen, 'fusion' recipes can be utterly delicious. A ....more

Cast Iron Meatloaf

The Recipe: Meatloaf cooked in a cast iron skillet, tender, moist and full of flavor thanks to milk-soaked bread crumbs and a pile of chopped vegetables that texture-wise, "melt" into the meatloaf. This is my go-to recipe for meatloaf, the one I make again and again. Great for meatloaf sandwiches? ...more

Beefy Tomatillo Chili ♥

Today's chili recipe: A big pot of rib-sticking chili made with chunks of beef and tomatillos. Low Carb. Gluten Free ....more

Cashew Chicken Curry

The Recipe: A chicken curry reminiscent of London’s curbside curry take-away, one of my very favorite things to go-crazy for in London. (It's been too-too long!) Cashew Chicken Curry is surprisingly healthy and oh-so satisfying. Best of all? ...more

Recipe for Homemade Guacamole with Tomatillos ♥ Weight Watchers-Friendly!

Today's guacamole recipe: Traditional avocado guacamole lightened with tomatillos. Stays fresh and bright green for a couple of days! Weight Watchers Friendly, just 2 PointsPlus per quarter cup! ...more

Orange Julius Drinks

The Recipes: Four ways to make Orange Julius Drinks with fresh oranges and extra protein. (Two are recommended, two are definitely not – I include them because some times knowing what "doesn't" work is just as useful as what "does work".) By all rights, these are Orange Julius "style" Drinks because they are made without frozen orange juice concentrate and without added or refined sugar, usual ...more

Vegetables 101: What Are Root Vegetables?

So many vegetables, so many that are unfamiliar! This is the latest in an occasional series of posts, quick, easy and practical information about out-of-the-ordinary vegetables or familiar-but-ill-defined vegetable terms. Recipe suggestions included! ...more