How to find a good balance?

How much TV is your tot watching? Babies should watch as little TV as possible. New studies show that there is a huge difference in the amount of television that toddlers in child-care centers watch compared to stay at home kids. Children staying home watch almost 3 times more television than kids going to day care. How to find a good balance? Stay at home moms are proud to be full time with their kids and not send them to day care, while stressing for not having any time for themselves....more

Keeping Romance Alive after having kids.

How do you keep your marriage alive after having kids?Don't you miss the long talks with a glass of wine? The late night movies? Going out for drinks? Last minute getaways? Even all the production and excitement before going out for a romantic date? (makeup, shoes, nice underwear, pretty clothes). Dancing together? Having plenty of time and energy to dedicate to each other?Well, if you do miss it, be very sure that so does he!!...more

Giving your child clear rules.

When no means maybe later....more