The Playboy Club: new TV series on NBC

Nancy HinchliffNow with the new fall season of television shows coming up, the Playboy persona has been resurrected on NBC, with Eddie Ciprian (Leann Rimes' new husband) at the helm. The... provocative new series is set in a time and place that challenged social mores. It was built by a visionary and icon who created an empire and unwittingly changed American culture.The Playboy Club, set in the first Playboy Club in Chicago, debuts in September as one of the centerpieces of NBC's new fall television season....more

Maintaining a healthy diet in a fast food society

Nancy Hinchliff:  ...more
Hear, hear! Why would anyone limit themselves to the same things is beyond me. I, for example, ...more

I'm totally blown away by this: Lady Gaga

This morning, I got my computer booted up early so I could start writing on my four blogs, etc. and stopped to take a look at what was going on in the news. The first thing that caught my eye was a photo of Lady Gaga dressed like a man. Intrigued, I clicked on the photo and was completely mesmerized by what I saw. Read article...more
I've heard of Lady Gaga, through my children, but do not know her work at all. What little I've ...more

Response to "Running out of things to blog"

Nancy HinchliffThis post is in response to the following questions posted by A bit backwards:   "Can one person really produce creative/thought-provoking/worthwhile/carefully edited content every single day - or even every other day for that matter? Am I cut out for this? So much be a successful need to write something - anything -as often and consistently as you can."Also for Taysmom27 who is having trouble coming up with things to blog about....more
@alekhouse Because of your post, I now have so many ideas for future blogs. Though I will admit ...more