Ask Alela Sirah Vol. 16


A Stripe Shirt Can Save Your Life... Well At Least Your Fashion Life

There are a few items that you should just own to save the fashion day at any point and time; a denim shirt being one of them. However, running neck and neck with it is a striped shirt! A striped shirt can be worn day or night and dance to the beat of anyone’s rhythm ....more

Meet the Cast Evening W

JumpsuitStrappy SandalsBlazer ...more

FBF "When I Was 15"

Who I was at 15, around this time is when I started to get into my appearance. I remember going to take pictures pretty much every other weekend. It was the thing to do - spend the night at a friends house and pack a bunch of clothes to make various outfit combinations for the pictures ....more

August Highlights

7 Reasons You Can't Live Without A Denim Shirt -8/6 Halo Flower Visor DIY -8/8 View It Here Meet The Cast "Stylish Comfort" -8/18 View It Here 6 Ways To Wear A Shirt Dress.. Are You Doing It Right?? -8/20 View It Here Throw Back Thursday -8/21 View It Here ...more

Stick A Pin In It : 6 Pinterests links to the perfect workout wear

1. Finding a sports bra2. Motivational Tank3 ....more

Meet the Cast "Ruffle Affair" Win an Etsy Gift Card and Free Blog Advertisement

DressStrappy HeelsEarringsRhinestone Cuff Blue Rhinestone Cuff Snakeskin Clutch Many of you who read Fashionably Speak'n are bloggers too, how would you like to win some free ad spaces? Free ad space on 7 awesome blogs, to be exact. What if that prize also came with a $100 Etsy gift card and $45 PayPal cash? ...more

This Is Me! Throw Back Thursday! #TBT and A BIG Giveaway $100 Etsy Gift Card, Cash and Free Ad Space... Oh My!!!

Happy #TBT (Throw-Back-Thursday) Ever the fashionista, this is me in my ballet and tap recital ensemble. I had to be about 8 years old. I took ballet and tap at “Dance, Dance Wonderland” (who wouldn't love going to a place named that??) and would look forward to my mom dropping me off faithfully Saturday after Saturday ....more