When “LOL” is Overrated

As anyone else, if I’m making a joke while texting with friends, I might insert lol, laughing out loud. Just so that they know I’m teasing them. Benedetto never teases except in person, so he never uses lol ....more

How to Extract a Picture of My Son

Aerial view of New York City and Empire State Building Fact #1: Petya is in NY. Fact #2: I am not. Fact #3: I will need a photo of him soon or I will not be able to stand it ....more

Monday Mottoes – #99

As we approach our 100th Monday motto, it may be time for a Sashenka-ism. That would be a phrase uttered by our youngest daughter, often that makes no sense whatsoever. We can always blame it on the fact that English is not this Russki’s first language, or the fact that she marches to her own drummer may be more like it ....more

Check-in from NYC

Our eldest has spent the last five days in New York City and is about one-third through his trip. Naturally, I’ve received about three photos total of him since he’s been there and it’s hard to argue for anything more since their group is not allowed to be on the phone or texting more than a minute or two each day. I had expected around a dozen a day as the bare minimum… ....more

Generations of Genocide

A former Nazi officer, known as the “Bookkeeper of Auschwitz” and now in his 90s was sentenced by a German court to four years in prison. His crime included counting the cash of new arrivals at the death camp of Auschwitz/Birkenau located in Nazi-occupied Poland. An old man, 90-some years old ....more

Science and the Bible

I’m attending a scientific Biblical conference for a couple of days that’s blowing my mind. Can’t even think of the last time I’ve been surrounded by so many Ph.D.s in the same room, speaking about very complementary subjects in a variety of disciplines. Hundreds have gathered to study topics which the scientists simplify for those non-scientists among us ....more

Living History Museums

I love history and even more, I thrill when the past comes alive for modern museum visitors by means of reenactors. Whether Plimouth Plantation or other sites in our country and beyond, there’s nothing like seeing something come to life right before your eyes. Our kids have dressed up in Civil War outfits next to battlefields, letting their imaginations run free at young ages when they otherwise would never have remembered terms such as “shebang” when small tents were joined together to make “the whole shebang”....more

Monday Mottoes – #98

It’s unreal. It’s absolutely unreal. I just dropped our first-born, or make that first-adopted, off at the airport and I’m sobbing ....more

Selfie Accidents in Russia

Quick-! What could be more dangerous than a Lada-driving Russian careening over crowded sidewalks simply because the streets are even more congested with traffic? Apparently it’s a Russian taking a selfie, you know, that narcissistic self-portrait that most Americans are satisfied to take in the privacy of their own bathroom, but Russians have to take hanging off the edge of a cliff, or something ....more

What We Did for Summer Vacation

I just might need to vacay, after all. Instead, I’m forging ahead, accomplishing a bunch, and managing the troops. My family, on the other hand, thinks that it’s summer and we should be having FUN ....more