What Racism Does to the Young

There are some things that I can't stand to know about myself. Reminders of who I was and how I once thought that come flashing to my mind, triggered by something I see. Like the shooting of...more

The Juice on Juice Fasts

Because I'm a blogger, I get a lot of product offers. Boxes come to my house with salad dressing, small journalling notebooks, foot scrubs, environmentally friendly detergent, and this month, juices for a juice cleanse. The products I get aren't for sponsored posts, they're just samples, so the amounts are small, just enough for trying ....more

As Summer Slows...

It's cloudy, overcast here today. Reminding me how summer is winding down. It's been a good run, this one, I tried to stretch it out, make it last, fooling myself that I could make the ten weeks feel more like ten months, as our family gets ready for our first born to launch.He leaves for college in two weeks ....more

You Can Order Anything, But Just Don't Order A Shake

My middle son has been looking for a job this summer. After weeks of looking, nothing panned out. Like when I was job hunting...more

Anniversary Post

I held my mother's hand, looking at her face inches from my own....more

Tumble For Me

I had seen before and after pictures on the boxes. You could have a sapphire or pink quartz; from grey and dull to shiny and ka-chiiiing in seconds. From the first time that I saw a commercial of children gathered in a circle, amid sounds of ooooh and ahhhh, I wanted and hoped for a...more