You Don't Have To Bust Down Any Doors Today And You Can Make Friday Any Color You Want

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How To Unblock Writer's Block

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Hello? It's Me. I Was Wondering If I Could Ask You To Keep Adele From Being Happy

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Friday Night Frozen Pizza Review: Session One

Clinton was president the last time we had frozen cheese pizza in our house.Our kids were diagnosed with a dairy allergy when they were little and since outside they'd be living with a restricted diet I didn't want them to live that way at home, so as far as they knew, everyone in the house ate the same. This worked, and bonus feature: the adults in the house had low cholesterol low blood pressure good weight control in the process. Win win for everybody....more

Just Pass Me The Mashed Potatoes And We'll Be Fine

Auggie was telling me today about Citizenship Formation Class (??), where he heard the tale we all grew up hearing, about that first Thanksgiving when the...more

The Struggle to Believe: Not Losing Confidence in Your Writing

You're as good as anyone else! That's usually the opening to blog posts about how to keep on writing, how not to lose the magic that helps you turn out another page. But read those words often enough ... and they start sounding hollow. I do believe in the power of what you tell yourself, but affirmation can only go so far. What will carry you through to the other side, is the decision to become a fighter. You can't go down and if you start to slip, you can't stop coming back up for yourself. ...more

So That's Why You Write

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Why Old Moms Tell New Moms "Enjoy Them While You Can!"

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