You Can Do Anything for Ten Minutes

Scrolling through Facebook today, I came across this entry: "You should read what these writers in the flash nonfiction class are creating. There's much to be said for completely letting go for ten minutes and putting words on a page." That was all I needed...more

The Funny Thing Is, He Still Looks the Same

Since he was three years old, he's wanted to fly. He would wait every year for August, when the county carnival would come for five days. We would be at the gates by noon so he could buy the tickets he needed to be a pilot for a day ....more

Crash Course in Motherhood Fashion

I'd take the socks off but I'm not...more

What Does The Great Dane Say

The Great Dane says, It's a Listen To Your Mother book giveaway! Just in time for you for Mother's Day! Click on over to the fabulous...more

In Case You Missed It

Something is always going on in the internet. Every day, all day, I shout out from my kitchen chair, "I have to share this!" Thinking I'm going to save the week's highlights for Sundays... these here, are too good to miss:In Case You Missed It:There's this huge announcement.Guess I counted myself out too early, according to this 65 year old mother-to-be.Gwyneth, ah Gwyneth ....more

Top 10 Reasons Why You Want This Book

1 Once and for all, we can see for ourselves that there is no one way to mother, have a mother, love a mother,...more

I am Shakespeare: The Road to Listen To Your Mother

One day when I was little and my sister wasn't home, I took her English book and in brown crayon, scratched out the author's name and replaced it with mine. The inside page of her book now read Tales From Shakespeare by Sandy. I had no idea who Shakespeare was -- all I knew is that I wanted to be the one who told the stories that went with the pictures of this book ....more

If I Just Fell to Earth

If I just fell to Earth, I wouldn't look like a Victoria's Secret Angel. I would look like this: ...more

Chocolate Bunnies or The Way of The Cross

I don't share my writing on Huffington Post here, because there is an insane audience reach on their site but today, I have a post up about celebrating Easter as a child.Writing of that time brought me back to a sweet place, one where things felt possible. Where an action on my part, convinced me that I was able to share in the load of another. That has stayed with me always.The post is here, and if you click and read it, I hope...more

Easter Traditions? We Have One

Some traditions are handed down, some we fall into...more