Hmmmm.... What Does a Producer Think About on Show Day?

Ever wonder what goes on in a producer's head on show day? You think they're thinking about their Spanx cutting off circulation and their bunion pain kicking in? The hamburger they'll get to annihilate after all is wrapped up? ...more

Ways I Figured Out People Were Saying I Love You

It's always good to hear I love you, but it's become a way of saying good-bye in the English language. Right before someone hangs up, they say...more


 I have been on the verge of tears about Baltimore. I remember someone telling me years ago, when it feels like too much, turn away. I have that luxury, because I am safe. But for the ones who can't turn away, who are living in the face of what it all comes down to  -- the color you were born, my heart stops for them today.  ...more

You Can Do Anything for Ten Minutes

You know what writers call research, right? Scrolling through Facebook. I half joke, because it's partially true. I was scrolling through Facebook today hoping to find a prompt, an idea, a sort of inspiration to jump start my blog post scheduled for that day. I put my finger on the brake pad when I saw this entry from a friend: ...more
Great story, and when you write more of it, I want to know!more

You Can Do Anything for Ten Minutes

Scrolling through Facebook today, I came across this entry: "You should read what these writers in the flash nonfiction class are creating. There's much to be said for completely letting go for ten minutes and putting words on a page." That was all I needed...more

The Funny Thing Is, He Still Looks the Same

Since he was three years old, he's wanted to fly. He would wait every year for August, when the county carnival would come for five days. We would be at the gates by noon so he could buy the tickets he needed to be a pilot for a day ....more

Crash Course in Motherhood Fashion

I'd take the socks off but I'm not...more