Participatory Trophies: Parent Edition

Trophies for everybody! Or maybe just for me.My kids have been getting trophies since they were three years old. A couple of times they even got a trophy and they didn't have to be there to get it ....more

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What You End Up Saying Instead of I Love You

I had rehearsed it the night before. More like the early morning of. At 2:19 a.m., I knew just exactly what I was going to do when we dropped off our oldest son at college.I would stand like the Virgin Mary and with my head just slightly to the side, I would pull my child in close and say, "My beautiful baby boy ....more

Lives of Our Own

Whether trying...more

It's Really Not the Same as Waving a White Flag

The finish line is almost here, so close I can see it waving to me. All we need is...more

Is There Any Way in the World to Make Back to School Fun?

I don't know, but I try.I do it, for the children ....more

21 Things Kids Worry About on the First Day of School

If a new kid comes in and your friends like them more. If...more

Call It a Brag Sheet

Years and years ago, I learned a trick that I keep in my back pocket. I pull it out to use when I have weeks that feel more like months. The wise dispenser of this universal knowledge was my then therapist--she would listen to me with her chin resting on the heels of both her hands, while she leaned in, like she was trying to hear the words I didn't say that were hidden between the ones that I did. I sat in her office, lulled by trust into feeling it was her living room, and I would tell her about my life....more

Consider It a Brag Sheet

Years and years ago, I learned a trick that I...more

But Can You Dance To It?

Put me in a strait jacket when I'm around Haddaway's "What Is Love." It's the only way I won't move. (while I'm at it, I dare you to not do a single head nod just thinking about this song) My skull needs to be put inside one of those immobilizer helmets, complete with rod inserts into the neck when Madonna's...more