Post #30 NaBloPoMo: Now What?

30 days of posting every day: that's a lot of writing. It's also hours of time spent on work. The way we view our skills becomes the compass that directs us.You just wrote for 30 days on your blog, an investment of yourself and sacrificing of time from somewhere else, so where are you pointed toward now? ...more

Don't Lose Confidence in Your Writing

I do believe in the power of what you tell yourself, but affirmation can only go so far. What will carry you through to the other side is the decision to become a fighter. You can't go down and if you start to slip, you can't stop coming back up for yourself. The first thing you fight is the thought of giving up. ...more
Arnebya  Yes, the belief of course, but the fight every day to not lose that belief... that's ...more

Is It Possible To Be Beyond Great? The Water Bear

photo credit: BS8236">BS8236> via photopin">photopin> (license)">(license)> ...more

In The Quiet

If I would have gone down to ask her, would she have been able to tell me? ...more

Lord of The Flies Called: They Want Their Leader Back

Lord of the Flies Island misses its leader, and they want him back. The...more

You Don't Have To Bust Down Any Doors Today And You Can Make Friday Any Color You Want

Due to financial instabilities of the economy within the world of this household, we are not going to...more

How To Unblock Writer's Block

Creativity slowing down? Find yourself dry as a well about where to go...more

Hello? It's Me. I Was Wondering If I Could Ask You To Keep Adele From Being Happy

Dear Esteemed Adele's Physician: May I begin by congratulating you...more