The Right People for You

 Posing by a giant skull, because they get it... During a sociology class in college, I remember our professor saying that the most successful relationships are those where both parties share the same values. Like being with people who will pose in front of a giant skull, no questions asked, because they know you like to do things without having to explain....more

Life is Rewarding, but Challenging

I plan on sticking around for the long run. What that means, is that to be here, as long as I can be -- bar an unfortunate early demise -- I need to make changes.I like my life. Through the unlikable moments bordering on feeling unsurvivable, still,...more

My Other Ex

The right time. The wrong person.The wrong time. The right person.A story of a woman and a friend, lost due to circumstances, whether intentional or not, will always be a story seeped in sorrow, strength, pain, conviction ....more

Best of the Internet

I get excited when I find something good...more

Rare Bird by Anna Whiston-Donaldson

"... not only was our son enamored with birds, but his first word was “bird” at just 7 months..."When I was asked to review Rare Bird, the debut book by Anna Whiston-Donaldson, I hesitated. Rare Bird is a riveting read, so unlike anything I expected ....more

Best of The Internet

September, and summer, have been busy. I've fallen behind with sharing the best of the internet. I want to get back to the weekly links, putting what's out there, out there ....more

When Your Mother is a Tough Broad

No one and nothing was safe from my mother. You could not describe her without the words ballsy, fearless, a force of nature. There were other words, too, like annoying, frustrating, bull headed, stubborn ....more

Dear College Freshman Child

Dear son:You've been away at college for five nights now. We miss you but are...more

More News from The Nervous Parents Gazette

I am cycling through these phases of my first child being in college like a pro. After sending my son...more