When The Twilight Zone Calls

Double Takes. My formative years were filled, hours of them, in unsupervised marathons in front of the television set. I had a...more

A Post of Good Things

MetroParent Milwaukee has been nationally recognized and awarded...more

Happy Five Years, Good Day Regular People

This month is the 5th anniversary of Good Day Regular People.What began as a place for me to write my stories has grown into one of the most amazing things I've ever done in my life. It's you and our interactions that have made it just that for me.I am deeply grateful...more


"A massive flight of sooty seagulls collided with shore side structures from Pleasure Point to Rio del Mar during the night. Residents in the Santa Cruz area...more

When Your Head' Is So Heavy You Become a Bobblehead

This is Day 3 of me...more


This is a post for 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion. On February 20th, 2015, over 1000 of us will raise our voices and our writing, and flood the internet (and our real worlds) with GOOD and COMPASSION. It started with an understanding that even though we might get older, we still all need the metaphorical village around us, and the compassion of others in our lives ....more

Why Go For The Risk?

Why do we try new things? What's the purpose in pushing beyond what we think we're able to, even risking the uncomfortable squirm of sticking your neck out?Because there's a new frontier on the other side of the shaky knees and trembling hands. Taking a leap that...more

I Am Parent, Hear Me Erp

Many parents write about how children have changed our lives. The little beings turn everything we once knew...more

A Valentine's Day Story (It's the weekend, totally counts as made it)

Here's a little story, of what makes for the sweet moments in life.It involves food, of course.You can read it on Purple Clover.*Happy Valentine's Day weekend, everyone* * * * ...more

This, Is What I Want for Valentine's Day

Someone to exercise for me and then...more