Speak Minivan to Me

Creamer was on special today. And I could stock up on it because I have a minivan. You think driving in a navy blue minivan says that I gave up ....more

On This Day

More than two decades ago, I was unaware that the man I had been dating for nine months was going to be the man I would marry.We hadn't yet spoken of marriage, which suited us both fine. It did me, anyway....more

8 Ways To Get Started on That Online Writing

You know the feeling. I know you do. If you're reading this, it's probably because you read blogs...more

The Not Right Now List


When Movies are Real

Movies? I just don’t watch them, I live them. Movies are my wine after a long week ....more

9/11 : 15 Years Ago, and a Son Who Is 14

On a Tuesday 15 years ago,...more

Romance, Mystery, Intrigue

Lean in, and catch my words if you dare. Lean in, and hear about a middle aged woman whose life has been kept hidden from view. Sense her days that are ripe and luscious with romance, mystery, and intrigue.Can you imagine being swept away by not having to ask someone to unload the dishwasher? ...more

Levels of Self Care Like You Have Never Seen

It's Friday night, and all is well....more

Ira Glass is Always There

I made fried cauliflower and potatoes for dinner. In one pan, because it was for only one person in the house. My youngest son and my husband were away at a soccer tournament and my two oldest ones, now go to college together ....more

For the Love of The Quirky Child

Just as I'm not like most adults, I also wasn't like most kids....more