Here's Where You Can Help

If you believe in America and you believe in justice, diversity and love for humanity, here's where you can put your words into action. Work to make sure our president on Nov. 8th is one that is for everyone ....more

What You Need To Know About Pokemon GO : Take It From a 14-Year-Old

"Tell your mom friends to replace the word click with tap. It'll makes more sense. Tell them the game doesn't really start until Level 5 so you have to put your time in.” You know what guys? ...more

When They Crave People, and You Crave Solitude

Growing up in a house of...more

Because We Need to Do Better

Why is There So Much Hate in the World? ...more

BlogHer16 and The Voices of The Year

Today the #BlogHer16 Voices of the Year honorees were announced. It’s BlogHer's...more

For 28 Years: The Reading of The Declaration of Independence

DAVID GREENE, HOST: And now we will celebrate Independence Day, as we do every year at MORNING EDITION, with our reading of the Declaration of Independence.----------22 years ago, I first heard NPR's Morning Edition's staff read aloud Thomas Jefferson's draft of The Declaration of Independence. I had read it before, in grade school, but had never had it read to me.NPR has read The Declaration of Independence aloud on the 4th of July for 28 years now. It takes on depth and meaning when you have no words in front of you for you to filter through ....more

What to Pack for BlogHer: Your Etiquette

Zipper repaired on suitcase? Check.Comfortable yet still somewhat fashionable walking shoes? Check.Phone charger? ...more