The don'ts of picking up guys

*This has been edited from the original post. I took out all the naughty words.*When i have to work really early in the morning or really late at night (the joys of working in a hospital and being a one car family...for the time being) I utilize the awesome PAT buses.Last week I saw some things that just made me shake my head.Here are some pointers for you single ladies about picking up men. The do's and don'ts. Mainly the don'tsOkay it's all don'ts....more

I need...

A mask....more

Shower time!

Riley was in one of those particular moods today. He has been goofy and picking on me since he got home.Shower time was no different....more

Deep down I'm a filthy romantic

As much as I talk about and think about sex, I'm a romantic.Don't get me wrong though, I love sex. Oh do I love sex....more

Learning to love my body...

Hard to believe right? I have to learn to love it.Well believe it....more

My name

I'm an alter ego.So you will never know my other half....more

Getting Freaky

I love to experiment and try new things in my life. New recipes, new workout, a different kind of book and different things in bed.I'm also the type that the longer I go without sex, the freakier I am in bed.The hubs loves it....more

The orgasmically, mind-blowing, orgasm

We've all had orgasms. Okay most of us have had orgasms. There are studies out there with specific numbers on the exact percentage number who don't,but I don't know that.I'm not in that percentage. I have orgasms.I'm going to talk about one in particular....more

A shower built for two...I need one

The past week I’ve been left exhausted and sore. My thighs, calves, biceps, chest, shoulders, and back are so, so, so unbelievably sore. But it’s a good sore. It’s that good, post-sex aching sore. It feels like I’ve been at the gym, but God this was the best workout. No gym I know of can offer that kind of workout....more