10 Blogging Resolutions for the New Year

Dear Lydia, I usually like to take the entire month of January to develop my resolutions for the year, but lately I’ve been reading some stellar...more

A Christmas Ornament Story

Dear Nnenna, It’s actually been years since I’ve decorated a Christmas tree. Trees are nice, but the best part of decorating them is that I’ve attached a memory to almost every ornament. Even if I didn’t have a tree and just sorted through the ornaments, I would like recalling those memories up ....more

2014 Photo Diary

Dawn at 30,000 feet. I hope your December’s been very merry. To remind myself of all the great things that happened in 2014, I looked through all of my photos from this year ....more

Happy Holidays

The post Happy Holidays appeared first on Delayed Missives ....more

Traveler | Holiday Gift Guide

I’ve recently been on a few journeys, so what better time to put a together a gift guide for a frequent traveler? This guide includes some of my tried-and-true favorites (the Biaggi Zipsak folds away to 1/4 of its size and weighs less than 4 pounds) as well as some new things I like (maybe it’s just me, but a luxe luggage tag feels like a special indulgence). If you’re traveling this holiday season, have a safe trip and I hope you have something good to read! ...more

The Holiday Brunch

Dear Silvergirl, I hope December’s treated you well so far. I was glad to have a short trip to the UK and returned to just in time to welcome the new month. I gave myself extra time for wandering London and picked up this skirt at ZARA during a free afternoon ....more

The Chambray Shirt + Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Dotty, The warmth of fall days is coming to a close and I think it will soon be officially winter in December. I didn’t go all the way through until no tights until December, but there’s always next year (and a hope for no fall snowstorms). I’ll be offline for some time this week ....more

Party Host/Hostess Holiday Gift Guide Under $30

With holiday party season is practically next week, I’ve been searching for some great gifts for party hosts. You’ll notice a bit of a wine theme here (my social circle is high...more


Dear Kelsey, A new favorite candle from Illume, who also makes my much-loved mason jar candles. This scent is called Fireside, and it smells very much how it sounds. It combines the best parts...more

Trench Coat Weather

Dear Caitlin, It’s currently pretty much my favorite time of year (except for snow) because it’s trench coat weather again! Trench coats are good for spring and fall, but not so great for summer and winter. And perfect trench coat weather seems all too rare ....more