Facebook Rules: When should you unfriend someone on Facebook?

Now that we've talked about when you should friend someone on Facebook.  What are the rules that apply for Unfriending people.  As much as we're a loving group of people and an open society, we don't always need to be friends with everyone. You have the right to "Friend" and Unfriend whomever you wish....more

What if you were in Casey Anthony's shoes?

The media attention around the Casey Anthony trial and verdict has been out of this world. You almost couldn't avoid it if you tried. Who knew the world would take such hold of a case about regular people. She's no OJ Simpson after all....more

Do you have any unresolved childhood issues? Five things to think about

p>I recently heard Lou Giglio give a talk on the kinds of unresolved issues many of us have that prevent us from being whole people. When we aren't whole it's hard to build solid relationships with others....more

It's my life and my decision

I'm over 18 and have grown accustomed to making my own decisions. ...more