How to Jumpstart a Fitness Habit

Credit: I’m not crazy. Nothing about nearly daily workouts while juggling a husband, toddler and a full time career is extraordinary. Believe me ....more

Daily Fitness: It Is Possible

Credit: The world doesn’t need another fitness blogger. And I am absolutely not qualified to offer fitness advice or routine suggestions. However, working out is a huge part of my “me” life outside of parenting, marriage and a full time career ....more

Moms. Step Away from the Superhero Cape.

Being selected by Kerry Rivera and Alexa Bigwarfe to review an advance copy of Lose the Cape, Realities from Busy Modern Moms and Strategies to Survive, is still a “pinch me” blogger moment from the tiny and inconsistent corner that is currently Lex & Learn. My initial reaction to the copy is even included in the opening “Praise for Lose the Cape” section of the new book! So cool ....more

Summer Espadrilles

I love shoes. I used to dream about buying Jimmy Choos with my first bonus out of college when I started working. While 15+ years later I’ve never worked up the nerve to drop that amount of cash on one pair of shoes, my shoe closet runneth over with stilettos, wedges, sandals and everything in between ....more

Hitting Toddlerhood, Literally

Rylan…99% smiles, but with a growing slice of attitude. Parenting a budding toddler is marked by extreme highs and maddening lows. I am grateful to be surrounded by friends and family who don’t mind my endless texts with questions and venting sessions about eating strikes and teething mayhem ....more

When Did…

When did Rylan become much more boy than baby? When did he learn to grab a hand and lead a person to exactly where he wants them to go?...more

Minor Miracle. I’m Reading Again

On New Year’s Day this year I made one formal resolution — to read again. For nearly a year and a half Rylan was my excuse (and a damn good one) for being far to tired, busy and generally overwhelmed on a daily basis to read books other than toddler cookbooks and a random US Weekly Magazine. As of March 26 I’ve successfully finished two fiction books for fun ....more

Fastest March Ever

The end of March is around the corner, officially making it the most “on crack fast” month of the year so far. We had a lot to look forward to this month, which naturally makes it fly by in the blink of an eye. I rounded out my 2014/2015 ski season on day 18 (not bad for having a toddler!) in Vail at the beginning of the month ....more

Selfish Sanity

Parenting strips away overall selfishness. From the moment your tiny human joins the world it’s never “all about you” ever again. However, I am 19 months into this parenting gig and have realized that I still carve out...more

Celebrating Stella

On Friday evening Mike, Rylan and I will travel home to California to celebrate the life of Grandma Stella, my dad’s mother. She passed away on Saturday surrounded, most importantly, by her beloved son and four daughters. Her 92 years were rich ....more