Travel Beauty Essentials {Guest Post from Wake Up for Makeup!}

Happy Friday everybody! As you’re reading this, I’m either still flying, or just having landed, in Kenya. (I told you I’m bad at time zones.) While I’m away, I recruited some of my blends to guest post in my stead! ...more

Scenes from the Weekend

I’m not gonna lie, I thought I had more pics from the weekend to post when I took a few minutes to check in with you. Unfortunately, not true. But, a few … A crossfit baby shower … An awesome WOD … Shenanigans at birthday party for my niece … Drinks at Blue Moon … Brunch with good friends … And how I spent most of the weekend … What’d you do this weekend? ...more

Workouts of the Week: Checking In {Diane + New PRs}

Happy Friday! Woohoo. TGIF – you know? ...more

Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud

In one week … I’ll be somewhere. In the air, or maybe at our layover in Turkey. Time zones confuse me, so I can’t really tell you ....more

#MIMM: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kenya

How was your weekend? Ours was full of wedding and trip planning. It was pretty busy, and though I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to the to-do list, it ended up being a lot of fun ....more

Wedding Wednesday: All About That Planning

So, I finally cracked open my ol’ wedding planning binder this week. I bought it last year with the best of intentions, but even the best of intentions seem to fly out the door when grad school happens. I can tell you right now – I haven’t opened the book in at least two months, and the resulting to-do list? ...more

Currently: December

What’s this? Another post in the same week? It’s a Christmas miracle! ...more

The Big News

Okay guys – I’ve got some BIG news that I’ve been wanting to share for WEEKS. I’ve had to keep my Tweets...more

Establishing Financial Peace of Mind {Tips on Budgeting}

Ah, budgets. Between holiday parties, get togethers, and gifts, they may be the absolute last thing that you want to think about during the most “wonderful time of the year”! But, if you’re prepared, budgets don’t have to be nearly as stressful as many of us like to make them ....more

What I Ate Wednesday: Paleo(ish) Hacks

Happy eating-lots-o-food-eve to all my American friends. To those who aren’t … happy hump-day! (Do they say that outside the Unites States?) It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in What I Ate Wednesday, so here’s a refresher ....more