Of Houses and Homes

  We have about 3 weeks left here in Augusta Georgia.   I am simultaneously: ecstatic nervous freaked out optimistic   We have Army movers coming towards the end of the month, and THANK GOD FOR THAT. I don't know how non-military people move without professionals. Well, I bet it involves heaving drinking, medication, shaving years off your life.   ...more

Does Bunco make me old?

I've been attending monthly Bunco game nights for the past 3 months.   I used to think dice or card cames get tothers were for the "older generation". However, I am 33 and am NOT OLD so I guess game nights are for the cool and hip.   Bunco is a game of chance played with 3 dice. You have to roll certain numbers, you move around to different tables, there are winners for a few different outcomes, ...more

Feb 19, 2013

We visited Jason's parents in Rock Hill South Carolina this weekend and whooooaaaaa did we luck out! Snow in SC is rare, and it was EXCITING! ...more

Ode to Becky

My dear friend Becky (see banner above) is quite sad that my last post wasn't about her.   I think Becky might have even cried.   But Becky needs to remember that I loved her enough to make her a Becky Puppet. ...more

friendships are important


Feb 2, 2013

Saturday morning cartoons. Sofia the First. Pumpkin bread. Me snuggling on the sofa with my computer. This is the life. ...more

Jan 28, 2013

Airport food is expensive yo. But I was desperate for something vegetarian to eat during my 5 hour layover in the magical Fort Lauderdale airport. (Actually not magical at all) (Boring and expensive) (And only like 4 plugs for charging things) ...more

Jan 26, 2013

I'm in Guatemala! you get a ticket one day and fly the next. A bucket list box checked. You are in Guatemala for 4 days. Changing the direction of your life. Or at least, hoping FoR direction. ...more

Jan 1, 2013

Happy New Year! ...more

Dec 27, 2012

I celebrated my (33rd?) birthday on the 15th. My friends truly went above and beyond with dinner at a Mexican restaurant (my tradition), presents, balloons, cake, funny conversation. My friends are great. They know of my blog so if I dont mention them- they might cry. Thanks Becky Kelsey Kristie and Christina! (Kelsey not pictured cause she left 1st- sorry Kelsey! ) ...more