New York City Marathon Training: Week 13

I thought I was done with my training recaps since, let’s be honest, am I really “training” right now? But this week had some little victorious and big breakthroughs, and I wanted to document them! This week marked my return […] The post New York City Marathon Training: Week 13 appeared first on Ali On The Run ....more

Things That Make Having Crohn’s Easier (And A Few Things That Make It Worse)

Having Crohn’s disease is never easy. But fortunately, after 24...more

Where I’m At Right Now

I’m not great. Part of me feels like — OK, knows — I should stop complaining. Other than my health, I have plenty of things for which I am very grateful ....more

Pictures From Paris

When Brian and I booked our anniversary trip to Paris a few months ago, I fully expected to go there and fall in love with the city and the culture and the romanticism of it all. And I definitely planned to go for runs along the Seine. Instead — bummer alert —...more

What Crohn’s Disease Feels Like

The other day, a friend asked me a seemingly...more

New York City Marathon Training: Weeks 10 & 11

My first zero-mile weeks. The past two weeks have been rough — on the marathon training front and beyond. Weeks 10 and 11 of New York City Marathon training...more

A Letter To My Body

Dear Body, We’ve been together for 31 years. And that’s basically nothing — we’ve got a long road ahead of us! So I think it’s time we had a chat ....more

I Had My Wisdom Teeth Removed!

Remember on Monday when I lamented my ongoing headache and jaw pain? And how I was like, “It’s probably just TMJ or something” and “I doubt it’s my wisdom teeth coming in.” Well, it wasn’t TMJ at all! It totally...more

New York City Marathon Training: Week 9

Well. Things aren’t going so great around here. I’m still sick ....more

Thankful Things Thursday: Six Happy Things (Including A Giveaway!)

Yesterday was the first day I didn’t even try to run or do anything physical. Until that point, I was putting my shoes and watch on every single day of this flare to at least try to get a run in, defeating as it may be....more