A Difficult Week

Today, I have: 1. a cold. or the flu ....more

The Anxiety Machine

A few times a month, I have bad anxiety days. Not days when I have panic attacks – which, thankfully, are rare – just days when my anxiety sits on top of me like a layer of rocks, reminding me … Continue reading → ...more

Changes Changes

In my 13 or so years of teaching, I have taught multiple ages. I have taught kids from age 3 to age 21, have taught kids with affective needs, autism, developmental delays. I’ve worked in elementary schools, high schools, and … Continue reading → ...more

Watercolor and Ink

I find myself gravitating more towards pen and paper and away from writing on the computer. It might be that it’s too easy to get distracted while on the computer. With the internet and tumblr and video games, sometimes it’s … Continue reading → ...more

Like a Bear

2014 was..hard. Really hard. And I am very very glad it is over ....more

Inside the Break

Today is Thanksgiving, and aside from the really awesome time we are having staying in a haunted room at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park (SO AWESOME. We keep accidentally interrupting various tours as they stop outside our room to … Continue reading → ...more

Feminism Friday: Only Fifteen

Ah, Taylor Swift. Pretty much all of her music ends up somewhere on the “problematic to feminism” list, but this one, imo, takes the absolute cake. “Fifteen” starts off ok: all about starting high school and being naive, making a … Continue reading → ...more

Feminism Friday: You and I and Beautiful

John Legend’s video of You and I (Nobody in the World) is freaking gorgeous. If you watched it and didn’t get at least a little teary, I’m pretty sure you are lying. It features a whole variety of women of … Continue reading → ...more

Feminism Friday: My Anaconda Don’t

Nicki Minaj shocked a lot of people with her Anaconda video. It has women writhing and very barely dressed, and the whole entire video predominantly features her ass. It features lot of other women’s asses, too, but Nicki’s gets star … Continue reading → ...more

Feminism Friday: Girls and Country Songs

This one hasn’t had nearly enough air time, so I’m sharing because not only is it awesome and feminist, it’s also feminism and COUNTRY MUSIC, which is kind of a big deal. Maddie and Tae wrote “Girl in a Country … Continue reading → ...more