Judicial Appointments or Elections

A truly interesting and extensive piece appeared over at the MAINstream Coalition's blog today that discussed an upcoming ballot initiative in Johnson County, Kansas that would move county judges from being appointed by a panel to being elected by the public. ...more

Goin' Green on St. Patrick's Day

Crossposed from Wiretap There was an interesting piece in the Fashion section of the NYTimes this Sunday that is a little weird but it gets into some pretty fun stuff. ...more

Kansas Rep. gets Blogger Thanks

Freshman Democrat Nancy Boyda (KS-02) got a rousing thanks from the front page bloggers of DailyKos Saturday when a recently posted BoydaBloc video made its way to nation wide netroots activists. With thank yous posted both on Youtube and on the Kos page, spineless members must be shaking in their loafers as American voters are beginning to stand up against the Senate version of the FISA bill. ...more

Gays are Terrorists?

An urban Representative in Oklahoma has just become a national star on the political stage. Sadly, for her of course, is the reason she is such a rising star is because she's also a rising joke. ...more

Mississippi Youth Vote Triples

According to CIRCLE's numbers crunched from the exit polling data last night, young voters in Mississippi came out in outstanding numbers proving once again that if you build it, they will come. ...more

March 4 Young Voters Smackdown the Vote

Crossposted from Wiretap First, let me just say that I told you McCain would win. And Mike Huckabee conceded with a lovely speech about a pitcher that is always waiting and ready in the event the other pitcher can't make it. Media folks are speculating if this is Huck making a comment about being VP? Or is this a crack about McCain being so old he's nearing death? I think that this was actually a comment about Mike Huckabee's new career in baseball. ...more

Nice FISA Vote, Boyda

My local Congresswoman, who is about to be in a battle for her seat seriously stepped up to the plate. Often, I think our elected officials have a hard time leading when its so easy to just follow where people are going or float which way the wind blows. Boyda has been both a Representative and a leader to all of us here in Kansas. ...more

KS GOP Laughs Off Young Voters

This week after the Kansas GOP primary I got a tip off about a piece in a local Kansas paper about the caucus and the comparable turnout. Understandably, there was immense turnout for the Democratic caucus and not so much for the GOP despite the fact that the GOP caucus was infinitely more convenient - being on a Saturday morning which wasn't plagued with a blizzard. ...more

Caucus Hang Over

Our buddy Joel Mathis over at the new site RedBlueAmerica.com identified it correctly... it was so hardcore that I know I'm exhausted. ...more

KS-02: Jim Ryun Source of Caging

Crossposted to EDC I just had to tell ya'll about this because its something that makes me crazy. Last year around Christmas time - the Kansas GOP sent out what I'm sure they thought was a normal everyday fundraising email. What they mistakenly did was talk about all the great work they are doing and talked about their Vote Caging program. ...more