Show support for Jan. 8th Shooting Victims

Please take some time out today and show your support for the January 8th shootings victims by visiting these sites below. Please donate and give support to these great causes.  ...more

All are worthy causes, and every little bit helps. I wrote a post about Ben's Bells specifically ...more

Gabrielle Giffords Shot and 6 Killed Today

Wow, I cannot imagine how difficult that is for you.

When tragedy hits so close, it hits ...more

Easy Baklava Recipe

I love baklava and eat it when I have the chance, but luckily for my waistline (and not so lucky my taste-buds) it isn't available everywhere. I always have wanted to make it but was really intimidated by the recipes I found and thought it would be über hard to make. So my dream of making a mouth-watering baklava was put out of my dreams forever....more

Our Vegas Wedding Experience

I was asked yesterday in my comments if I could post my experience with getting married in Las Vegas, Nevada and I thought that would be a great idea. So here it goes!...more

Blogging Without a Plan

Sometimes I am conflicted on what to blog about and then I end up blogging about nothing. But what is the point of having a blog when you censor yourself on what to blog about? I worry about what people may think, or boring them, and so on. I try to make each entry meaningful and if it doesn’t hit that standard then I am left with nothing. But I am starting to think how ridiculous this is, and that I should be honest and blog about how I am feeling at the time. I am human and go through up and downs just like everyone else, and I shouldn’t worry about how people perceive me....more

Back in the Saddle

My experiance about getting back on the saddle after I have not rode for 10 years....more

Breakups and Why We Hate Them

Our Experience with Keratoconus and Corneal Collagen Crosslinking

Around 4 years ago, Jose went to go see an eye doctor because his perfect vision was not so perfect anymore and after it getting worse over time he figured it was time to get it checked out. What we thought would turn into a conversation about glasses or contacts, turned into something so much more. He was diagnosed with Keratoconus in his eyes and when we asked the doctor what that was, he replied with "Google It." I'm not joking....more

Sorry for the long reply on this, I posted this on BlogHer awhile back (and also on my personal ...more

Disney says “Bye” to Fairy Tales, so what now?

I woke up this morning to this article “Disney Animation is closing the book on fairy tales“. I just want to say everything in this post is my opinion and interpretation of this. I read the article and these are the two things that really stood out to me:...more