Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas! I can’t believe it’s time to wrap up another year already! 2012 was a good year and we are ready for all the blessings that 2013 has waiting for us!...more

School Lunches..what a mess.

Not the school's it?

This is a big local story today - Student Leaves Campus - and I have to say that it terrifies me.  There are so many thing wrong iwth this story I am not even sure where to begin!  I will start by saying what no one else has said.  I don't think the school is really to blame here.  I know- you must be shocked, right?  You automatically want to blame the school because the idea that a kid could sneak off of campus is a little farfetched, right?  Not...more

Merry Christmas 2011!

 Merry Christmas!  This year seems to have escaped me completely!  I can barely catch my breath, I suppose that is how we all feel!  This was a good year for The Roberts’ family.  No major sicknesses, all good news, and some fun stuff!...more

Did you know January was Cervical Cancer Awareness Month? If not, I am not doing my job!

I feel like a bad person.  Today is January 24 and I have not once this month even mentioned that it is Cervical Cancer Awareness month.  Shame on me!  In my defense it has been super busy, what with moving my mom and getting back to school,but still - no real excuse. On April 14 2006(my wedding anniversary and Good Friday) I made the phone call that would shatter my world.  To this day thinking abou that phone call puts me right back to that place.  I can feel the cheap office chair, smell the cigar from my coworker, hear the background noise...and feel my h...more


It started out as a pretty good day today.  Had my last "first" day of class today, my Psych class.  Best group so far.  Only 9 of us in the class and that works well since we will be spending every Saturday from 9am-11.50am for the next 3 months together.  Nice folks.  Had a good time.  Liked my prof.  After class everything stayed hunky dory- went to mom's to help her paint and got her entire bedroom painted.  Got to listen to about 5 episodes of my favorite podcast (...more

Does it ever end??

So does it?  Ever end that is.  You think, "Ok I had cancer.  Twice.  BUT I beat it!  YAY! The nightmare is over!" and then you get to return to your lovely fairytale-like existence.  WRONG.  Big time wrong.  Now your life is a myriad of constant worry and tests and side effects no one told you about.  Everyone knows that if you have chemo you lose your hair, right??...more

The Roberts' Year in Review, 2010 Edition

What a big year the Roberts’ have had!  In January Kent, Alicia, Naomi, & Talley trekked from Lafayette to Orlando for Ali to take part in the Walt Disney World Half Marathon to benefit the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  It was the first trip the Magic Kingdom for both Kent & Naomi.  You may know WDW as the “happiest place on earth” but that weekend it was also one of the coldest!  As Ali was lining up for the race in the wee hours of the morning it was not only down in the 20’s but it was SLEETING!!!  IN DISNEY WORLD!!!  That is NOT fair!!  The weeke...more

Convenience Store Groupies

I do not understand the phenomenon of the "convenience store groupie".  You know who they are.  That guy - sometimes that girl - that hangs out by the counter to the side of the register at your favorite convenience store.  It doesn't matter which store.  Every shop has one at least , if not one per shift.  They are usually questionable in appearance and wardrobe.  And they just stand there.  Just. Stand. ...more