Running, Blogging, Living: on Finding Balance

A couple weekends ago, I found myself quite emotional: it was the weekend of Pensacola Marathon, the race I’ve participated in for the previous three years, starting with my first half marathon in 2011 and following with full marathons in 2012 and 2013. The 2013 race was especially near and dear to me because I started this blog in an effort to document training for it as a runner who became vegan a few months earlier. As I was watching race reports and pictures pop up on Facebook from my running friends back in Alabama, I found that I was sad not so much because I wasn’t participating in the race this time– we’ve moved to the Pacific Northwest earlier this year, and I’m not planning on traveling back to Pensacola, FL, anytime soon – but because I’ve been running much less these days, which prompted thinking whether or not … Read the rest of the post → ...more

Chanterelle Stir-Fry with Potatoes and Herbs

Today I’d like to share with you a recipe that’s been near and dear to me ever since I was a kid growing up in Russia: a delicious and simple stir-fry...more

How to Beat Gym Boredom: 5 Workouts that Kick Your Butt in Under 30 Minutes

If you’ve ever committed to a gym routine only to find yourself bored and unmotivated a couple months later, I feel your pain. I myself used to be less than excited about going to the gym regularly, but kept coming back only because I knew that the gym was charging me every month regardless of the frequency of my visits. Running saved me from quitting exercise back in those days, but that’s a different story ....more

New Giveaway: All-Natural, Organic Vegan Skincare Products by SkinnySkinny – a $42 Value

As you know, I’ve been running giveaways here at Vegan Runner Eats on a monthly basis. I’m particularly excited to bring you today’s giveaway of organic vegan skincare products by SkinnySkinny, an all-natural beauty care company based in Brooklyn, NYC, because supporting a vegan business is always great! I came across SkinnySkinny while researching fully vegan beauty care products, and was impressed by their commitment to create all-natural, cruelty-free products using environmentally friendly practices, from buying wind-power energy for their facilities to using eco-friendly packaging ....more

Tried And True Recipes Series #3: Comfort Food Edition! 5 Recipes From All Over The Vegan Blogosphere

Hi all! It’s time for another episode in the Tried and True Recipes series, this time it’s all about comfort foods! Fall is in full swing, and I find myself craving foods with rich, complex flavors ....more

New Breakfast Recipe: Pumpkin-Carrot Pancakes

Hi all! Phew, the past couple days have been quite hectic over here: I’ve planned on publishing today’s post earlier in the week, but on Tuesday our landlady found out that the wiring in the house we’re renting from her has gotten pretty bad, so she turned the power off in the house and asked us to spend the night in a hotel. As it turned out, finding an available room at a hotel on Whidbey Island is not an easy feat on a Tuesday night during the off season (hotel attendants go home early) ....more

New Recipe: Barbecue Portobello Sandwich with Roasted Rosemary Fries

I think we all can agree that sometimes it’s nice to dig our teeth into a good burger, especially if it’s served with a side of delicious, crispy French fries. Thankfully, being vegan doesn’t mean forever depriving yourself of this simple pleasure: there are more vegan burger recipes on the internet than my fingers could ever count (I’ve shared my recipes for...more

Pawz by the Sea 5k Recap, Plus How I Managed to Beat My Anxiety

This past Sunday, I participated in a small local 5k called Pawz by the Sea, and surprised myself by finishing 3rd female overall! What was so surprising about it? Well, this was my first running race in months, and given my 2-month break from running over the summer to heal my plantar fasciitis, and the fact that I haven’t trained to run fast in a very long time, this was a pretty unexpected achievement ....more

5 Easy and Healthy Vegan Office Lunches

Hope everyone’s having a great week so far! Today I decided to share with you 5 of my favorite solutions for the permanent dilemma that I assume most vegans with full-time jobs have – what to eat at work for lunch? Going out to eat is not always an option, plus what should we do if we don’t have any leftovers from the night before to take to the office? ...more

New Giveaway: Enter to Win 6 Organic, Gluten-Free, Raw Vegan Energy Bars by Juti Organics

Hi all! Guess what? I’ve got another exciting giveaway for you starting today! ...more