Keeping My Nose Clean

I woke up today with my cat licking my nose, a practical illustration of my state at the moment.  This is going to seem totally random, but what the heck.  If you don't get it, maybe you're just beyond it. For as long as I care to remember of my recent history, I've been terrified.  I have a tough job, and I have a growing family, and an ever-increasing appetite for more and more expensive undertakings.  I'm not used to bending my own morals or ideals even as I watch others live those lives every day.  As a person who once lost a job...more


  I feel intimately connected to people who mention this problem, but I rarely discuss it. Tonight, it's too much. Tonight, I feel obliged.  Some know intellectually what's wrong, but you can't feel this. It's just so present - it feels like my magnetic horror. It's mutated lately into something I can't compartmentalize. Images flash before me. Thoughts plague my mind. This stupid day is always so beautiful. Does anybody else ever notice that?...more

Keep Jennifer Lopez' The Backup Plan way WAY backed up...

It's not often that I succumb to my wife's movie choices, but that end-of-the-summer lethargy must have overwhelmed my better instincts.  Her last choice was Grownups in the theaters and although I know I laughed, I know not why.  I do remember cringing at the ridiculous message about breastfeeding (namely that sappy message clearly promoted in the end that breasts are for men and not children), but this last journey forced me even deeper into a deep despair over the trajectory of feminism and our societal values overall.  Jennifer Lopez' Back Up Pla...more

Lesbian Mom ponders ...donation.

We saw a movie tonight - The Switch with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.  Beyond the (I'm sorry but it was) despicable act that was the premise and the main character's unnerving references to the "unnatural," I left unnerved.  As a lesbian considering artificial insemination, I guess I should have guessed this might hit a nerve or two.  The truth is, I don't want to inseminate an unknown donor.  We just had Kody, my perfectly beautiful miracle son created with my favorite Uncle/Godfather (who is also gay)'...more

Labor & Delivery Room

Labor & Delivery  “Rothlizzi?  Mr....more


 I swear, this is the best advice I could ever offer for relationships: Just CHAT.My recipe for relationships is an acronym.Communicate: We take it for granted, but it's the reason most of the world remains fairly culturally separate and geographically restricted. Language is the limitation. Two people need to "speak the same language" to communicate, and this advice extended beyond language to roles and social locations as well as maturity and spiritual paths....more

We need a Donor's Day

 We need one of these. And why not? They deserve it. We should honor those who are so chosen! - we just need to celebrate them in the right way.They're not Dads. A Dad is a shared owner of a child. It's the child's point of view that supersedes any comfort issue we have with adaptation. I know it's difficult to get used to, but Dad and Donor are very different roles in a child's life.We just experienced our first "Father's Day" with our son, Kody, and it was lovely....more

"Other mother" breastfeeding

 I never thought I would be so embarrassed. I spent $100s, invested hours, almost ruined two very small and delicate but very important valuable parts of my own body -just to breastfeed our first child. As it turns out, the best I can do is offer him a little colostrum, and a lot of comfort. It's still valuable, but in truth I may have been able to offer it before the $100s and hours, and well, the other small losses. Then again, maybe not....more

Is "The Kids are Alright" alright?

I'd heard whispers about this movie, but my real motivator was from a straight woman. We were at an alumni BBQ amongst a bunch of desperate networking job seekers (which says a lot for my old college, I know) when this woman comes over and begins a conversation with us about this movie. She was as much of a spoiler as I'm going to be (You've been warned!) but I was grateful, because as much as she said, I was better off for the warning....more

“When Love, Pride and Youth Collide”

   "I think women who kiss women are weird."   The statement barreled at me like a Mack truck I should have heard coming.  It came out of nowhere, but in some ways, I guess I should have known.   I know it was like that for Amy too.    We'd just had a great day....more