How to Earn the Kindness of Strangers

While in Sacramento for a conference, my friend Deb and I hailed a cab to a restaurant. During the ride, we learned from Shaa, our cabbie, that life in Sacramento was anything but easy. The recession has hit this California city hard, he told us. Case in point: he’d been driving his cab more than 10 hours that day. We were his second fare. During that 10 hours, he’d netted only $45....more

The Beauty of Giving Up a Part of Your Self

If you are anything like I am, then your picture of nirvana looks something like this: Only doing what you love, not having to do anything you don’t.Or perhaps that’s just me.Yet, real life isn’t nirvana. Frequently the people we love the most ask the most of us. They want us to do that which we would just rather not....more

Make Beautiful Ripples Wherever You Are

Anxiety courses through me when more than one person needs me at the same time. For instance, not long ago, two very close friends were having a personal crisis at exactly the same moment. One of them was texting me. The other was calling. It all went down on a night that I usually reserved to do fun adventures with my kid.I couldn’t have an adventure with my kid and be there for both friends. I had to choose, and I felt horrible about that decision. It seemed no matter what choice I made, it didn’t feel right because there would be at least two people who I couldn’t help....more